Bollywood Actor Sandeep Nahar Ended His Life after Leaving Suicide Note on Facebook

MS Dhoni actor Sandeep Nahar found dead

Actor Sandeep Nahar has taken the extreme step by committing suicide on Monday 15th February at his Mumbai residence. Hours before his death, he wrote on Facebook about his wife Kanchan, who often raised arguments every day on the issues of the past and continuously blackmailing him.

Sandeep Nahar had featured in iconic films like MS Dhoni and Kesari with Sushant Singh Rajput and Akshay Kumar respectively. He had also acted in ALT Balaji’s ‘Kehne Ko Hamsafar Hai’, and Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Khandani Shafakhana.’

Sandeep Nahar Has Committed Suicide

In the evening, Sandeep Nahar was found at his flat in suburban Goregaon and was unconscious. His wife and friends took him to SVR hospital, where doctors confirmed his death on arrival. He has also posted a suicide note on Facebook. The actor was frustrated with the daily fight with his wife and was being blackmailed by his wife and mother-in-law.

Suicide Note Posted by Sandeep Nahar

In the 10 minutes long video, the actor explained his unhealthy relationship with his wife. He said that “I could do this a long time ago, but I was giving time to myself to sort the things out, but now I can’t handle this anymore. And, I don’t have any solution to this problem, and I am fed up with all this. Now I have to take this step because this life is becoming hell, and I don’t know after this step what life I will get, but that life I can easily face. But I want to request that after me, don’t say anything to Kanchan.”

What the Police Official Said?

The police official said that Nahar created this video around three hours before he committed suicide. They said that they are waiting for a postmortem report to know the cause of death. In Nahar’s suicide note, he mentioned about dirty politics he experienced in Bollywood, unprofessionalism, and lack of emotions in the people who work in this industry. The investigation is still underway, the official asserted.

This was not one case in the industry, but there are many cases and people who are committing suicide. The reason for suicide can be any, but the common reason behind this is the stress, anxiety, and even depression.

People try to face their problems strongly. However, at a specific point in life, when they get weak to manage their problem, they commit suicide. Keep one thing in mind that suicide is not the solution to any problem. We know only saying something is easy unless we face it. But still, you have to find an alternate solution to your problems.

The only thing that can help you is managing your stressors. Identify what stressor triggers and try to cope with them.

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Be Positive…Think Positive… & Live Positive, because a positive mind drives you to a positive way. Furthermore, if you are suffering from depression or stress, then make sure to talk to someone with whom you can share your feelings, and you are sure that you’ll get an alternate solution instead of committing suicide.


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