Wrestler Ritika Phogat Dies by Suicide: Cousin of Geeta & Babita Phogat

Wrestler Ritika Phogat Dies by Suicide

On Thursday, cousin of wrestler Geeta and Babita, Ritika Phogat committed suicide early morning. Unfortunately, Ritika lost her final wrestling tournament match by 1 point in Bharatpur on Wednesday. After losing the match she hung herself after not able to tolerate the disappointment of the loss.

Who is Ritika Phogat?

Ritika Phogat was 17 years old and was was the part of Phogat family, and in Bharatpur, she was playing state-level sub-junior, junior women, and men’s wrestling match where she reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself by putting a dupatta on the fan after losing the wrestling tournament final match.

From Where Ritika Phogat Was Receiving Training?

Dronacharya Awardee Mahavir Singh Phogat was providing training to her, who was also present at the time of the match. She was a student of the Mahavir Phogat Sports Academy, and she was 17 years old. After her suicide, her body is handed over to her family after post-mortem, but the police is still investigating.

Geeta Phogat tweeted and showed her condolence to her maternal family. As she said,

This is a tough time for our family. Ritika was a brilliant wrestler, and I don’t know why she took this step. Success and failures are part of players, and we shouldn’t take this step.”

Minister of State for Road & Highways, Vijay Kumar Singh, on social media confirmed the news of Ritika’s suicide. Vijay Kumar Singh Tweeted,

Terrible news that we lost #RitikaPhogat who had a brilliant career ahead. The world has changed from where it was some decades ago. Athletes are facing pressures which were not there earlier. An essential part of the training should be to deal with these pressures.”

Haryana’s Charkhi Dadri District Superintendent of Police Ram Singh Bishnoi said, “Ritika, wrestler and cousin of Babita Phogat, died allegedly by suicide on March 17. The reason behind it might have been her defeat at a recent wrestling tournament in Rajasthan. Investigation underway.”

Ritika had been practicing for more than five years at the Mahavir Phogat Sports Academy in Haryana. And, she took the extreme decision of ending her life after the shock of defeat.

Mahavir was an amateur wrestler, whereas Geeta is a freestyle wrestler and at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, she won the first-ever Gold Medal for India in wrestling. She is also the first woman wrestler who has qualified for the Olympics (2012 London Games). Geeta and Babita’s cousin Vinesh Phogat is a 53kg top-ranked wrestler in the world, and he is an Asian Games gold medalist. Vinesh is also supposed to win a medal in this year’s Tokyo Olympics

At the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Babita won a silver medal, bronze at the 2012 World Wrestling Championships, and Gold Medal in the 2014 Commonwealth games. Apart from this, Ritu Phogat won gold at the 2016 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship before starting a career as a mixed martial artist where she records 4-0 in ONE championship. Amir Khan Starrer’s movie ‘Dangal’ was the story of the Phogat sisters and their father Mahavir.

Relationship of Ritika Phogat with Phogat Sisters

Ritika was from the maternal side of Geeta and Babita Phogat. And, she had trained under the supervision of Dronacharya award-winning wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat.

After committing suicide, people are continuously sending condolence messages to the Phogat family. Well, sometimes mental stress and depression become the reason for suicide. And, similarly, with Ritika Phogat, mental stress and disappointment became the reason for her suicide.

Because of mental stress and disappointment, various people are committing suicide. After the death case of Sushant Singh Rajput, recently, we have heard the news of Sandeep Nahar who had committed suicide on Monday 15th February, this year. He left a letter about his wife Kanchan after committing suicide.

No matter in which field you are working, but you have to accept that success and failure are both parts of life. Therefore, instead of taking the wrong step or committing suicide, you need to accept failure if it happens. Our condolence is with the family of Phogat because they lost one part of their family. And, they have been involved in wrestling in India. Ritika Phogat’s death left the nation in shock.

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