Facial Massage with Gua Sha for Face Slimming and Contouring

If you are someone who likes to use different skincare tools to enhance your beauty, then you must be aware of gua sha, which is a skincare tool. Gua sha originated in China, and it combines light pressure and vigorous scraping to enhance blood and fluid flow and relieves muscle tension. Many people notice the best gua sha before and after results. However, there has been limited research regarding the benefits of using gua sha. To know more about gua sha, continue reading this blog.

What is Gua Sha Tool used for?

Generally, gua sha is a skincare tool used to scrape and apply pressure to the skin to get rid of pain and muscle tension. The name gua sha is pronounced gwahshah and comes from a Chinese word. It may also be known as skin scraping, coining, or spooning. As per traditional Chinese medicine, chi or qi is energy that moves or flows through the body. According to many people, a person’s qi must be flowing freely and balanced to ensure their well-being and health.

People also believe that when qi is blocked, it can cause tension and pain in muscles and joints. This is where gua sha comes to help move this blocked energy to help you get rid of stiffness or muscle pain.

What are Gua Sha Benefits?

You can add gua sha to your DIY at-home daily skincare routine. It offers various health benefits, such as:

  • Boosts Blood Flow

You can use gua sha to scrape off dead skin cells by applying gentle pressure to the skin. It helps to boost microcirculation in the soft tissues and allows the blood to flow freely. With the improved blood flow, you will be less likely to have dark circles and your face will look younger.

  • Minimizes Puffiness

The consistent gentle pressure and directional movement of gua sha helps to reduce the fluid build-up in the skin, and as a result, it helps to minimize puffiness. The lymphatic system of the body is based on the movement of muscles to move fluids from one part to another. As you age, this movement can be limited because of hormonal changes, skin problems, blood pressure, etc. However, gua sha is the best solution for enhancing lymphatic drainage, thus improving swollen skin, puffiness, etc.

  • Facelift Naturally

The smooth edges of gua sha stone help sculpt and contour jawlines. However, it is important to apply the right amount of pressure to scrape off dead skin cells. With improved blood circulation, the nutrients supply to skin cells increases. As a result, you will have plumpy and healthy skin.

  • Glowing Skin

When you apply pressure to the skin with gua sha, it helps spread blocked blood in the skin. Thus, when it clears all the blocked blood in the skin, the moisturizer and serum can be penetrated your skin with ease. Facial massage with gua sha helps in producing elastin and collagen.

  • Relieves Stress

Gua sha has been used for several years to get rid of stress and relieves muscle tension. This technique helps to boost blood circulation in the affected areas. When you include this in your daily skin routine, you’ll notice a positive change in your skin.

How to Gua Sha Face?

Gua sha can be used all over the body to get rid of muscle tension, release toxins, and soothe inflammation. It comes in different shapes and sizes. The most commonly used gua sha is of flat heart-shaped stone. Follow the steps given below to use gua sha for face slimming:

  • Ensure to clean the gua sha stone with water. Before using it, make sure to clean your face.

  • Apply a little bit of oil to your skin so the gua sha tool glides gently on your skin. You can reapply oil or moisturizer if required.

  • Many people use this stone at a perpendicular angle, which is the wrong method. Make sure to hold the gua sha stone at 30 or 45 degrees and gently apply pressure to the skin. Use it in the upward direction. Repeat the same process three to five times in the affected part. 

  • On the forehead area, start from the middle and glide the stone outwards. Repeat this step on both sides. 

  • For the neck area, use the inner curved part of the tool and glide it up from the collarbone to your jawline. 

  • For the cheeks, use the gua sha from the nose and glide it in the upward direction up to your cheekbones. 

After performing these steps three to four times a week, you will notice the best gua sha results. However, make sure to use it in the right way and follow the above-mentioned steps for more accuracy.

Are There Any Side Effects of Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a natural healing therapy and is considered safe. It is not painful until you harshly apply pressure to your skin with the gua sha tool. Small blood vessels known as capillaries near your skin area can appear as it involves scrapping or rubbing the skin with a massage tool. Don’t use this technique if you’ve had an operation in the past six weeks. If you have clotting disorders or are taking blood thinners, then avoid using this technique.


When traditional therapies won’t work, research suggests that gua sha may work to provide relief. This technique may seem simple but it needs to be performed in the right way. This ensures a safe treatment only if it is done accurately because the wrong application can cause side effects. Moreover, you can get such type of information through our blogs by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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