5 reasons why vitaminwater is bad for your health

Vitaminwater has become very popular in recent years. Contains vitamins and minerals, and is labeled as a healthy drink. But what they don’t tell you is that vitaminwater is full of sugar, how healthy is vitaminwater?

What is Vitaminwater?

Vitaminwater is a drink that has been recommended as an option to hydrate, restore, and even obtain some nutrients, however, it is important to know what are the main reasons why it is not recommended to drink it.

In recent years the consumption of energy drinks or vitamins has increased, this, by advertising, which allows them to be believed to be healthy and practical drinks within a healthy lifestyle.

Vitaminwater can not be very beneficial to health, if they contain chemicals, sugars and artificial colors.

Here are the 5 reasons why taking Vitaminwater is bad for your health.

1 – Vitaminwater is a drink high in sugar, it may contain the same fructose as Coca-Cola:

The advertising that revolves around Vitaminwater has presented it as a drink that may be an option to stop consuming “sugary drinks” however, this drink contains sugar.

It contains sucralose, crystalline fructose (which is sugar, from corn starch), so this drink is not healthy if you are taking care of the consumption of sugars. The WHO recommends that sugar intake should be less than 5% of calories per day or, failing that, less than 10% of carbohydrates consumed. Taking a case of this drink already covers the amount of sugar for the whole day. ( reference )

For children and people with diabetes, obesity, vitaminwater is not a healthy option, since it contains sugar, in addition to other substances like aspartame.

In addition, drinking excessively this drink can make its consumers addicted, this, by the chemical substances that have been added to improve and give a good flavor.

2.- Taking vitaminwater can make you gain weight:

Vitaminwater is low in calories, therefore, its consumption has been recommended if you are following plans or diets to lose weight, since it can substitute the consumption of soft drinks or other more sugary drinks.

However, given this, you also have a wrong idea, since it could have the opposite effect, especially if it is abused in the consumption of vitaminwater, and especially if you consume it in the presentations with added sugar. (reference)

Also, even if you choose the presentations that “do not contain calories” they are not healthy for you nor can they take care of your weight, since they have added artificial flavorings.

3.- Drinks with sugar, such as vitaminwater, increase your risk of having diabetes:

All health experts agree that sugar plays a huge role in today’s obesity and diabetes epidemic. ( reference )

Some versions of vitaminwater are high in sugar, this increases your risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Although the consumption of vitaminwater has been considered healthy, because it is a drink to which fortified vitamins have been added, this may have an effect contrary to that expected, due to its content.

Vitaminwater is made up of vitamins, although these nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of the body, they have been added to this drink, that is, they are not found naturally, they also contain flavors, dyes, sweeteners, syrups and even caffeine.

That is why, before consuming any beverage, the nutritional label was reviewed. In addition, for many benefits that this drink may have, they will never compare or have the effects of drinking natural water alone .

Although the body requires nutrients, they have to be obtained from food, it is not necessary, according to health experts, to drink or consume foods where vitamins or nutrients have been added artificially.


4.- Taking vitaminwater contain chemicals that could put your health at risk:

The risk in excessive consumption of vitaminwater, as well as other beverages, carbonated or not, is that they can put health at risk, since they contain chemical substances, and some of them can cause side effects such as gastrointestinal problems, dizziness, tremors, etc.

In the case of this drink, it places within its ingredients «concentrated glacéau fruit punch» ( reference ) without specifying whether it is a natural fruit concentrate or if it is a mixture of fruits with chemical additives, taking into account that it bears the name of the brand as the name of the ingredient, leaving the consumer without the exact information of what they are taking.

In addition, as mentioned, drinking this drink, thinking that it will help reduce weight, due to its low caloric intake, can have the opposite effect, being able to lead to overweight, obesity, which are currently a global health problem that has many fatal consequences. to health.

5.- In some cases the excess of minerals and vitamins can cause you harm:

The body requires a certain amount of each vitamin and mineral. Too little of a vitamin hurts you, too much of a vitamin also hurts you.

Beverages such as Vitaminwater have sought as a commercial option to enrich with B vitamins, vitamin C and Potassium. The body does not have the ability to store large amounts of the water soluble vitamins. Vitamins of complex B and C are part of that group, so as the excess cannot be stored, it is released through urine and faeces.

The negative effect occurs with an overdose of Vitamin C that causes gastrointestinal discomfort due to its acidity ( reference )

Regardless of all the controversies, articles that talk about Vitaminwater being just one brand offering a product with synthetic sugar, flavor and vitamins.

It is clear that it is not the best health alternative, because although it has different effects on each organism, it is not a drink that can improve health and there is also nothing like drinking natural water that has many benefits to the body.

Although vitaminwater has been suggested as a nutritional option, especially for recovery after intense exercise or sports. It does not have a beneficial effect, it only consumes sugar and flavorings, caffeine, which although they can stimulate the body, do not provide adequate nutrition.

The best option will always be to drink water in its natural form, if you want to improve the flavor you can use the juice of natural and fresh fruits.

It is important to remember what vitaminwater is NOT:

It is NOT a food supplement, although a significant amount of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals such as sodium and potassium have been added, this type of drink should not and should not replace a balanced diet

It is NOT better than water for being a vitaminized drink, the effects of natural water cannot be compared to Vitaminwater

It is NOT a weight loss drink, although it has been suggested as a supplement or support to achieve this, there is no evidence that it helps with this.

In conclusion:

It is an individual responsibility to take care of health, so, although there is a lot of information and especially advertising that talks about the benefits of vitaminwater, you should always choose the best options and that they are natural.

Currently, the popularity of this type of beverage such as vitamiwater has increased, since advertising plays its role, and from this, misconceptions about the effect of products are created.

Vitaminwater is NOT a healthy option, numerous medical and scientific organizations have clarified that drinks with added nutrients and sugars are not a healthy option.

The FDA has had, and have implemented, very specific standards for bottled beverages to meet the requirements for them to be marketed.

For the health of the organism, natural options are always better.

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