A Story on Running your Own Race

While cycling this morning, I observed a person about half a km leading me. I could guess he was cycling a little slower than me and that made me feel confident, I said to myself I will try to catch up with him.

Being persuaded, I started cycling swiftly. I was gaining each block towards him steadily. Then I picked the pace when I was just 100 feet behind him. I propelled myself. I was committed to catching up with him. By having enthusiasm and forbearance inside me, I did it. I caught up and surpassed him. Of course, he didn’t even know that we were racing but I felt good that I satisfied my intention.

Then I realized after passing him that I missed the turn towards my home as I was completely focused to compete against him. I even ignored my inner peace and missed to enjoy the beautiful world around me. I got perturbed by thinking that in needless haste I could even have a broken limb by hitting sidewalk as my feet slipped from paddle twice. Then it stroke my mind that in our lives, we concentrate on competing with our neighbors, friends, family, and teammates to prove our success and superiority. In this scenario, we miss our happiness.

We waste our precious time and energy running after others and we forget to follow our own destiny.

The basic hurdle with unhealthy competition is that its cycle never ends. It is obvious that someone will be always ahead of you, having a better job, more money in the bank accounts, enhanced education, better scholar children, and other superior conditions. Here you must realize the crucial real fact that “You must give your best and you can be the best when you are not in competition with anyone”.

Some people suffer from an inferiority complex since they pay much attention to the actions of others. You must accept whatever you have like weight, height, and overall personality. Accept yourself and your identity and perceive that you are the blessed human being. Concentrate on your goals, stay focused, and live a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has their own destiny and there is no competition in that. Competition and Comparison are the destroyers of exhilaration. These kill the charm of living your own life.

Run your own race that will lead to contentment and you will experience a happy steady life.

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