10 Benefits of Cycling and what Precautions to take while Cycling?

“Cyclists see the most beautiful world than other people of society”.  Bicycle riding is a healthy manner to be independent. Cycling not only makes you healthy and happy, but it is also a wonderful workout to keep yourself active. It shapes up a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically.

Whether you want to enhance your fitness or it is just an environmental choice, opting for bicycle riding could be the best decision you have ever made. Cycling can be done for a number of reasons such as casual activity, mode of transport, or for competitive purposes.

During the phase of COVID-19, it is very crucial to take precautionary measures during cycling. Modes of personal mobility such as cycling and walking are emerging to be the preferred choice of people. These provide healthy access to reach the desired place and assure social distancing amongst people.

Benefits associated with cycling

  • Cycling and weight loss

You need to burn more calories than you actually consume in order to lose weight. Depending upon the intensity and weight of the rider, cycling burns calories between 500 and 1000 an hour. By making the assumption that you are enjoying cycling, you will burn calories. You will definitely lose weight if will eat well.

  • Slowing down the aging process

High-intensity cycling can have major anti-aging benefits. As per the researches, people doing high-intensity exercise have enhanced mitochondrial capacity. Declined mitochondrial capacity leads to a decline in physical strength. You will be rejuvenated if mitochondria function well, down to cellular levels.

  • Enhanced lung health

The lungs receive fresh oxygen in continuation and the increment in breathing rate boosts the surrounding muscles. Healthy lungs can pump air in more quantity around the lungs and absorb air rich in oxygen. But here one must be careful that if the air is too cold like in minus temperature, it could create some problems.

  • Better Sleep Quality

With excessive screen time in the modern days, falling sleep is getting tougher. However, researchers have found a relationship between sleep patterns and cardiorespiratory fitness. Cycling is a moderate cardiovascular activity and one can easily fall asleep after doing it. Cycling is also good for those who do it in the evening. This makes it easier to sleep.

  • Live longer life

Riding bicycles daily makes you more healthy and happy. In a survey, it was founded that people who cycled regularly were found to live longer. People who use a bicycle for transportation experienced a low mortality rate.

  • Strong Immune system

Exposure to cold and warm weather is very effective. Physical exertion enhances the performance of the immune system. Cycling is the best outdoor physical exercise that includes more light to be absorbed by retina that strengthens the production of vitamins and boosts the overall immune system.

  • Increases coordination

Complex motor skills are the basic requirement in cycling like steering, concentrating, looking around, etc. It enhances balance and coordination.  Cycling could be the preparation for other types of sports.

  • Power of the brain gets boosted

Exercise has always been linked to a healthy brain. Cycling enhances the blood flow towards the brain that leads to improvement in the branching of nerve cells. In a survey, it was founded that blood flow to the brain rises by 28% during cycling.

  • Reduction in Heart Disease

Performing physical activities lessens the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. Cycling increases blood circulation that enhances heart rate and pumps the output at the same time. The blood volume of the heart also gets enhanced. One side-effect that can occur is the level of cholesterol gets reduced that prevents the hardening of arteries.

  • Joints Protector

Cycling is very gentle on the joints. Working in the cyclical motion and relaxation of joints provides the joints with more nutrients and removes the toxins. This holds true for specifically for knee joints, even a person with damaged joints can cycle.


Choosing cycling can assist us to combat the transmission of COVID-19 and enhances our effectiveness against any possible infections. Air pollution has also proven to be a carrier of COVID-19 and patients with severe Coronavirus suffer from chronic respiratory diseases due to excessive pollution. Therefore, switching to cycling is the best decision during a pandemic. Moreover, traveling in the open air than on public transport will create fewer circumstances of virus transmission.


Although cycling is very crucial, it is more important to stay safe while riding. By taking precautions before riding, you can eliminate the risks of injury and death.

  • Wear a helmet

Most of the bicycle crashes include head injuries. The protection of the body is very significant while riding a bicycle. Cyclists must follow the helmet and are approved by the Federal Government. If the helmet do not fit well, it can leave certain areas of the head exposed to injury. Each State has certain guidelines related to helmet wearing for safety purposes.

  • Do stretching before riding

Take some time to stretch and warm-up before starting any physical activity. By warming up the body by stretching can prevent athletic injuries. After completing the ride of a particular length, stretch your body and cool down to stay loose. This also avoids cramping and assists in recovering.

  • Wear tight and bright clothes

It matters what a cyclist is wearing. The cyclists must wear bright and tight clothes. Bright clothes can be easily detected by car drivers. At night, the clothes must have reflectors on it. Loose clothes can get caught in the bicycle, avoid wearing these. It must be avoided to ride a bicycle after dark as it is hard for motorists to see cyclists.

  • Pay attention to the surroundings

You must pay close attention to the conditions in which you are riding. Even though music can give you rejuvenation, it can be distracter in the surroundings. While cycling on the road, ensure that you listen appropriately and see the complete road in front of you. Cycling defensively and monitoring the path is good and safe riding principles.

  • Follow cycling etiquette

Observe the basic cycling etiquette while riding. Do share the road with walkers, horses, runners, or other cyclists. Following the direction of traffic, ride on the right side of the road. You may make use of hand signals to make other cyclists aware of your turn. Follow traffic laws, traffic lights, and speed limits.

  • Stay hydrated

Cycling is a strenuous activity. In order to prepare your body for upcoming challenges, hydrate yourself meanwhile riding with plenty of fluids. Cyclists must refuel themselves with fruits, proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

  • Follow the rules of the road

Cycle riders must understand the rules of the road and assure that they follow these in an efficient manner. It is very crucial to follow the rules being a cyclist, to protect a person who is traveling.

  • Protection from sun

Do not forget to wear sunscreen especially the area on the neck back. Your skin could get tanned. Wear long sleeves with fabric breathable. Also, wear sunglasses.

  • Read the weather forecast

Before going out for cycling it is good practice to read the weather forecast. You must wear waterproof gear accordingly. You can even carry a backpack to hold essential for all rides.

  • Avoid night riding

It is dangerous to ride at night than the day. If you need to ride at night, wear anything that makes you visible. You must have reflectors at the front and back of the bicycle.


It is really hard to maintain a 6-feet distance on road. It is therefore very crucial to follow certain precautions while riding during the time of COVID-19. Do not forget to wear a face mask that is designed for athletic use. If you are not comfortable with the face mask, you can use a scarf or bandana and ensure that your face and mouth are completely covered. Riding a bicycle in small groups must be preferred rather than riding in bigger groups.


Cycling aids in physical and mental well-being. It is also a sociable sport. To grow the social circle, joining a cycling group is a marvelous way. You can also join the Pedals and Beyond cycling group to enhance the social presence and to boost the physical strength.

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