Covid-19: India Records over 200,000 New Cases and 1,184 Deaths in a Day

India’s situation is getting worse day by day as the country records more than 2 lakh new covid cases and 1,184 deaths in a single day, as per the health ministry data. India is continuously hitting by the second wave of the corona. The second wave of the pandemic has gripped India as it records new cases and deaths regularly, and as compared to September records, it has crossed the records. With the increase in corona cases in India, there is a shortage of beds in hospitals as hospitals are overflowed by corona cases.
Earlier this week, India becomes the second worst-infected country after the United States, just after the PM of India Narendra Modi announced victory over Coronavirus. And, India also overtook Brazil as a growing number of covid-19 cases.

Hospitals are Fully Occupied
It needs to be noted that India has been recording more than 1.5 lakh cases in a single day for the last six days till now. Because of fully occupied hospitals, people are complaining of not getting beds in the hospital. Maharashtra reported 61,695 new cases and a total of 36,39,855 as 349 new deaths that pushed the toll to 59,153. Delhi, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Bihar are nine states that record the highest tally in the last 24 hours.

In Punjab, the death rate recorded 51 fatalities on Thursday, and it continued to be the highest at 2.7 per 100 cases in the country. On Thursday, Uttar Pradesh recorded infections with a tally of 22,439. Apart from Maharashtra, UP is the state that recorded over 20,000 cases in a day. When it comes to Chhattisgarh, it has recorded 15,256 new cases, and Delhi recorded 16,699 new cases.

The death rate is also increasing day by day, but still, it is slightly lower than the first wave. Four states recorded over 100 deaths each in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra records 349 highest deaths, Chhattisgarh (135), Delhi (112), and Uttar Pradesh (104). Deaths are also increasing in Gujarat that reported 81 deaths, Karnataka (66), and Madhya Pradesh (53).
In Haridwar, 30 Sadhus test positive for covid-19. Medical teams are continuously performing akharas and RT-PCR tests of sadhus. The process will be performed more quickly from April 17, said Dr. SK Jha, Haridwar Chief Medical Officer.

Lockdown or Strict Guidelines?
Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij said that there are two methods to stop covid- one is lockdown which is not feasible or following strict guidelines. He has asked officers to implement covid-19 rules and guidelines even if people get irritated. He said that they can face the anger of people but can’t see dead bodies.

Random Covid Test will be Conducted
Covid tests will be conducted in areas bordering Delhi. Random tests will be conducted for people who are traveling to and from Delhi, said Gautam Buddha Nagar DM Suhas LY.

Maharashtra Lockdown
On Wednesday evening, Maharashtra went to lockdown till May 1 to stop transmission of the virus. Maharashtra is becoming the focusing point of India’s second wave of infections. Maharashtra’s chief minister said there will be some guidelines that people need to follow. Only grocery stores and public transport will be operational between 7 am to 8 pm local time. People are not allowed to go into public places without a valid reason.

The central government blamed people because people were not wearing masks and practicing safe social distancing.

In recent weeks, politicians conducted election rallies in a state like West Bengal where people were gathering without wearing masks. There were also religious gathering took place where several people gathered.

Now, another concerning thing is a double mutation of the covid-19 variant, which was found in India. It could make the virus infectious.

Vaccination Drive in India
Health ministry data of India shows over 110 million doses of vaccination have been administered on Wednesday. It has started in January. Some states, including Maharashtra, are facing a shortage of vaccines that leads to halting vaccination drive. The Indian government accused those states that are diverting their focus from the failure to control the covid-19.

However, the Serum Institute of India that manufacture AstraZeneca’s shot said the production of it is very stressed.

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