COVID-19 : Indoor Activities to Stay Fit and Active at home

These days during the existence of pandemic COVID-19, it is not possible to move outside to do exercise, due to condition of lockdown in many nations. However, it is crucial to maintain good health, so you must stay at home to maintain social distancing and opt for doing exercises on your own. Here is an overview on indoor activity you can do while staying at home. You do not need to purchase any equipment to exercise.

COVID -19 and Exercise: Indoor Activities to Stay Fit

You can follow full fitness regime staying indoors. For complete workout, you must follow basic three exercises:

This is a type of exercise which makes use of large muscles in your body. Aerobic Exercise includes jumping jacks, mountain climber, bear crawls, squat jacks, burpees, box jumps, and many more.

With these exercise, your muscles get stretched for enhanced flexibility and motion range in your joints.

These exercises make your muscles and bones stronger.
Whatsoever kind of exercises you choose, just ensure that it involves exercises from these three groups.

Below are the ways that you can do indoor activities for free (without gym equipment):

• Jump Rope

rope jump indoor exercise

While doing the jump rope, you can recall your childhood memories. It is wrong to consider that the jump ropes are meant only for kids. After spending about a minute into jumping rope, you will feel that you are out of breath. If you really want an efficient cardio workout by spending few minutes, you must try a jump rope.


• Stair Stepping

stair stepping indoor activity
It is a great exercise to do stair stepping at your home, even if you are not having availability of set of stairs. Find a small sitting chair, keep it in front of your television, and while watching your favorite TV show, step up and down. This workout will not be as sweat producing as jump rope, however, you will maintain your body healthy and active.


• The Plank

plank exercise activity

If you are not having much time, but would like to build core muscles, this is the perfect exercise for you. Get ready in a position of push-ups, in spite of bending your arms, and moving down to floor, hold the position extended with your arms. Start with holding in this way for 30 seconds, add 10 seconds extra each day. You should notice that for how much time you can move with this. This is not easy and and definitely a challenging task, also this is best for you.


• Dancing

indoor activity exercise dancing

You could get bored while doing normal workouts. So, you must start by picking out distinct music and must dance to your heart’s content. Dancing is an amazing workout to burn calories. While having fun, you can get your heart rate going. If you dancing at your own home or nobody is looking at you, then you need not to impress anyone and you can do the rough steps as well.


• Lunges

lunges indoor activity

While doing lunges, go down the hallway, you have to step forward instead of stepping back. You have to continue this until you make all the way the hall in your house. You will feel intense burn in your legs after this workout. You can move from one room to another while performing this workout. To make the lunges more challenging, you can hold weight in your hands.


• Cleaning

indoor activity cleaning exercise

When you do not have anything to do at home, cleaning works as wonders. Cleaning can be physical, mainly mopping and doing vacuum. As during the lockdown in the countries you cannot go outside to ride your bike or to go for running. You must set up your schedule for house cleaning. You can kill two birds with one stone.


• Water Bottle Weights

indoor activity water bottle

If you are looking forward to perform arm, shoulder and back strength training, you can create your own weights at home by filling water inside the water bottles. If you feel too easy while using water bottles, then you can use milk jugs according to the exact weight that you require. For more challenging task, enhance the amount of water a little every time.


• YouTube Workouts

youtube workout indoor acivity

Many of the workout routines are available on YouTube. You can have a search as indoor exercises or as a particular type of workout that you would like to do. With the help of these YouTube videos, you can do exercises to avoid boredom and can lose weight faster, by following the method efficiently.


The lockdown caused by COVID -19 pandemic can come up with certain unprecedented changes to daily lives of people, by staying healthy is still a priority and challenge for people. Physical activity is mandatory in this scenario. Assure it that you have a rest of 1 full day in between the days you work out. This gives your muscles time to recover. For the best results, you should be exercising at least 2 hours and 30 minutes a week. Moreover, you can enhance your immunity by doing exercise daily for as your immunity system does remarkable job for the protection against the disease.

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