Delta Variant: What You Need to Know About this Covid-19 Strain?

Delta variant of covid-19 was first found in India, and now, it is spreading across other parts of the world. It has been said that the delta variant, which is another covid-19 strain, is spreading in the UK more as compared to the Alpha variant that had at the peak last year in the UK.

Overview of Delta Variant of Covid-19
The delta variant is also referred to as B.1.617.2, and it has been stated that it can spread easily. The strain has variations on the spike protein that helps it to infect human cells. In short, humans are vulnerable to get infected by this virus more easily and can infect others as well because this virus is contagious.
According to researchers, the delta variant is 50% more contagious as compared to the Alpha variant that was first found in the U.K. Alpha, which is also known as B.1.1.7 was already contagious 50% more as compared to the original covid-19 that was first found in 2019 in China.
According to experts, average people who get infected with the delta variant can spread it to 3-4 other people than the original covid-19 infected people who spread it to one or two other people.

Where did the Delta Variant of Covid-19 Come from?
The delta variant was first found in December 2020 in India and caused a major outbreak. It started growing in various parts of the country, and now it is reported in 104 countries. As of early July, it has become dominant in Germany, U.K., the U.S., and other countries. In the U.K, the delta variant has been growing, and 97% of new covid-19 cases have been found.

What is Delta Plus Variant?
The delta plus variant is also known as B.1.617.2.1 or AY.1 and is referred to as a ‘subvariant’ of the delta version. It was first identified on June 11 in a Public Health England bulletin. In India, a total of 70 cases of delta plus have been found on 23rd July 2021, Union Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh said.

Delta Variant Symptoms
It has been reported that delta variant symptoms are the same as you find in covid-19 affected people. The most common symptoms may include headache, cough, sore throat, and fever.

Is the Delta Variant more Dangerous?
According to a recent study published, the delta variant in the U.S. causes hospitalization and death. That means, the delta variant is deadly, and safety precautions should be followed. However, scientists are still working on the data to check out how dangerous it is.

Delta Variant Effect on Unvaccinated People
People who have not been vaccinated yet are at high risk of delta variant. You may have heard the news of people who have been affected by delta variants because they are not vaccinated. Children and adults who have not been vaccinated yet are more vulnerable to get affected by the delta variant.

Delta Variant Effect on Vaccinated People
Scientists are still examining how the delta variant can cause infection between people who are fully vaccinated. But the cases of delta variant in vaccinated people are rare. Two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are 88% effective against the delta variant. Covishield is 60% effective against the delta variant.
After covaxine, ZyCov-D, which is another Indian vaccine that will be the world’s first three doses, DNA vaccine and needle-free vaccine that has also declared that the vaccine is clinically proved to be effective against the delta variant. The 3rd phase clinical trial of the vaccine was held when the second wave of covid-19 was at the peak in the country, and hence the vaccine is considered effective against the disease.
Now vaccine makers are examining booster shots to know if they can protect against the delta variant and other variants that may develop in the coming months. Currently, delta strain is emerging, but it has been said that the Lambda variant is also emerging out of South America. Health professionals request people if they want to get back to normal life, then they should be vaccinated. As long as people all around the world are unvaccinated, the new variants will continue to grow and cause problems.

Delta Variant could be Destructive in Some Communities
In communities that have low vaccination rates, especially rural areas that have limited care, the delta variant could be more dangerous. You may have seen around the world where several communities don’t have access to vaccines.

Wear Masks Even if You are Vaccinated
Many individuals wear masks even if they are fully vaccinated. Experts are also suggesting people avoid gatherings and wear masks indoors where you don’t know whether the person next to you is vaccinated or not.

Now, you are aware of what exactly the delta variant is and what are the symptoms of the delta variant, and much more about the delta variant and delta plus variant. If you want to get back on track and want to live a normal and healthy lifestyle, then you should get vaccinated.

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