How to reduce visceral body Fat and why is this harmful your body

How to Reduce Visceral Body Fat and why is this Harmful your Body

Visceral fat that is also known as “hidden fat” that is stored inside the belly, wrapped around the organs that include the liver and intestine, is not seen easily. It is about one-tenth of the fats stored in the body. If you have belly fat, it doesn’t imply that it is visceral fat. It could be subcutaneous fat that is stored just under the skin and it is mainly found in arms and legs. Sometimes visceral fat is also known as “active fat” since it can actively ameliorate the risk of serious health issues. This fat is located near vital organs such as the liver, intestines, and stomach. Here Read Some information on how to reduce visceral body fat and why is this harmful to your body.

Why visceral fat is this harmful?

Visceral fat can harm the body and create certain health issues immediately. It can enhance the insulin resistance even if you never had diabetes. Visceral fat can also increase blood pressure instantly. The carry of excessive visceral fat will increase the risk of serious medical conditions that endanger life. These are: Visceral fat generates harmful diseases like types 2 diabetes, Heart Attack, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and colorectal cancer.

How can visceral fat be removed?

Fall cells not simply store energy; they produce certain hormones and secrete such inflammatory substances in the body. Due to this, having a high level of any kind of fat in the body is detrimental to your health.

It is good to know that visceral fat is quite receptive to diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Here’s how:

Consume Proteins

It’s time to start consuming proteins in your diet such as eggs, lentils, or salmon at every mealtime. Eating proteins stimulate the PYY hormone that decreases appetite and enhances the feeling of fullness. When you start losing weight, it also protects the body composition.

Stay Hydrated

Consuming water at regular intervals comes with different advantages. Drinking a pint of water thrice a day could also aid in weight loss efforts. Our body requires water to burn fat.

Upping the intake of water increases the level of lipolysis, in this process, the body burns fat for energy. Drinking water also decreases appetite and calorie intake and assist to maintain the level of hydration in the body.

Lower the level of Stress

The stress hormone cortisol gets released by adrenal glands that affect the distribution of fats by causing the fats to be stored centrally means belly fat, instead of storing it peripherally that means at the hips.

The more cortical released by your body means more visceral fat production. It comes to the conclusion that your mental well-being is just as critical as your wellbeing. Please spend time on relaxation in your busy time too. Get rid of the habits that worsen the level of anxiety.

Take Unsaturated Fats

The type of fat that you eat determines where it will be stored in your body.

In research, it was concluded that people who consume saturated fats gain more body fat, and three times less muscle than people who consume polyunsaturated fat. To add more, monounsaturated fats that are found in olive oil and peanuts, are beneficial for belly fat.

Avoid Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are considered to be the worse food for belly fat than consuming high sugar food as our brain is not much efficient at registering liquid calories.

The researches have also shown a relationship between the consumption of sweet beverages and gaining belly fat.

Get Time to Exercise

Although physical inactivity leads to an increase in belly fat, a high amount of exercise can lead to a decrease in it.

The best method of top burns visceral fat is through cardio exercises like running, bicycling, elliptical training, etc. Doing these exercises regularly helps to burn calories that mean you’ll be able to lose fat stored in your body. Perform exercises for weight loss daily to get desired results.

Avoid Snacking

Studies have published that in addition to three main meals in a day, consuming high-calorie snacks enhances the accumulation of abdominal fat and fat in the liver; however, consuming big meals at the time of a meal doesn’t do so.

Consume Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the family of fats that are important for human health. These are found in high quantities in fishes such as herring, salmon, and algae supplements.

The evidence has shown that a sufficient amount of omega-3 consumed either in the diet or as a supplement, reduces appetite, and increases the metabolism. The studies of patients with fatty liver disease have proved that fish oil supplements can excessively lower abdominal fat.

Drink Coffee

Researchers have concluded that there are bioactive compounds in coffee other than caffeine that regulates weight and can be used as anti-obesity compounds.

People who consume more coffee have a lower body and abdominal fat than those who consume it less.

Avoid Alcohol

There is a reason why alcohol is also known as “beer belly”, and this is true. Being high in calories, alcohol lowers the level of leptin in the body that is the hunger suppressant that involves you to eat more. It also enables your body to process carbohydrates and fats from food.


Genetics also plays a significant role in accumulating visceral fat. Even though you can’t change the fact as you are genetically predisposed, you can obviously change your diet.

Some other causes of visceral fats are:

  • Consumption of more calories than you actually burn while exercising
  • General aging, as the muscle mass, lowers with the age and makes it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight in proportion to the height.
  • In older women, the basic cause of visceral fat could be the level of estrogen dropping down, as estrogen plays a crucial role in the distribution of fat.
  • Much stress could cause enhanced storage of visceral fat which is related to cortisol level.

When you must visit your doctor

You can neither feel nor can you see visceral fat as it is stored under the muscle. Therefore if you have too many fats then a quick way is to measure your waist.

In the case of man, if your waist is more than 40 inches, and in case of a woman, if your waist is more than 35 inches, you must make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the health risks and lifestyle changes. Your doctor may then check you for health-associated risks and may refer you to a nutritionist.

The Bottom Line

As it is said above, visceral fat is not visible, and always don’t know whether it is there or not. However, it is preventable by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. By trying the above-mentioned strategies, you can definitely lose visceral fat and improve your health.

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