Human Fleas

Human Fleas: What do Fleas Look Like to the Human Eye?

Our today’s blog is on human fleas and we’ll discuss what are these species and how you can identify whether it is a flea’s bite, whether can fleas live in human hair, what are possible human fleas symptoms, and what treatments can be provided. To know more about them, stick to this blog:

What are Human Fleas and what do fleas look like to the human eye?

Well, fleas are extremely small insects and don’t have wings, but for jumping purposes, they use their long hind legs. The specialty of these species is that they can reproduce quickly and live in carpets and fabrics. They are black or dark brown, have flat bodies, and six legs, and on the bottom of their legs, they have strong claws that enable them to hold a host and mouthparts that can pierce human skin and suck your blood. Their hind legs are stronger and longer as compared to their legs in the front and middle and these can help them to jump over 12 inches. Well, this is the answer to your question ‘what do fleas look like to the human eye.’

What are Human Fleabite Symptoms?

Now, the question arises, how you can identify that these are symptoms of a fleabite on your body? Children and people can have a bad reaction if they are allergic. Symptoms can include itching, swelling, red bumps, and may look like bleeding. Generally, fleabites occur around the lower legs and the ankles. Other common areas of fleabite include the area around the armpits, the waist, behind the knees, and elbows creases.

When a flea bites you, then you may notice several effects, ranging from small symptoms to temporary red bumps and long-term symptoms that can be last for years based on the sensitivity of a person who has bitten by a flea. The area of the skin where you got flea bite may start swelling or may have to face rashes on that particular area. It might take a long time to recover from a flea bite. If you are bitten again by a flea on the same area, the itching and swelling may start again.

Can Fleas Live in Human Hair?

Most often, people ask the question ‘can human fleas live in their hair’. Well, they do not. They usually bite at the ankles, legs, and feet by jumping from an infested animal, but it can most probably be from an infected pet bed. Thus, the answer to your question ‘can fleas get in human hair’ is no.

What treatment can be done for flea bites?

The following are some guidelines to treat a flea bite:

  • Do not scratch the area where a flea has bitten you
  • To minimise the risk of infection, it is suggested to wash the affected area with antiseptic soap
  • To get rid of flea bite itching, it is necessary to apply calamine lotion or anaesthetic cream
  • To reduce swelling, you can apply an icepack to that specific area
  • You can ask the pharmacist for suggestions on suitable antihistamine medications to get rid of swelling
  • Take help from your doctor if the symptoms are getting worsen and before applying all of the above-mentioned things make sure to ask your doctor first and apply those things prescribed by your doctor

What does cat flea look like to the human’s eye?

With the naked eye, you can see fleas. They are small, round and dark. They may appear to be small, but be careful with them. It is possible that you may find them in your pet’s skin. If you note any sign on your pet’s skin affected by the flea bite, then it is time to prevent them from fleas. If your cat itches, then there would be a red area where the flea has bitten.

What does dog flea look like to the human’s eye?

You can see dog fleas on the fur of your pet and these insects are small and black. Cats easily get infected by flea bites, and if you notice any sign of a flea bite on your dog, then you should take your dog to a doctor who is specialized in this area.

How can you treat your infested pets?

Infected animals must be treated as soon as possible. The following are some suggestions that you must follow:

  • Ask your veterinarian for suitable flea-killing products
  • Treatment also includes some tablets that can be swallowed by your pet to get rid of a flea bite
  • Take help from a veterinarian if their allergy is getting worsen and only give medicines to your pets when prescribed by a veterinarian

Wrapping Up

The blog shares information on human fleas, how they look to the human eye, what symptoms are there, what do dog fleas look like to the human eye, and treatment options to get rid of flea bites. Most of the time, fleas that infect the home will be dog or cat fleas. If you have a pet, then they are more prone to get infected by these fleas. Hence, make sure to clean your house properly and regularly.

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