Is Oatmeal Keto and What Can I Substitute for Oatmeal on Keto?

Warm, comforting oatmeal is one of the most well-known morning meals ever. But if you go keto and have to limit your carb intake, you might start to wonder if there is low-carb oatmeal. Oatmeal is convenient and delicious breakfast that is a good source of nutrients, vitamins, and fibre. However, when it comes to a keto diet, you may need to replace oats with keto-friendly food. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss substitute for oatmeal on the keto diet.

Why is Oatmeal Bad on Keto Diet?

Oatmeal is not completely bad on the keto diet, but the only issue is its carbs content in the oats. Since oats are derived from the whole-grain, it consists of a good portion of carbs. A 100-gram serving of oats will have 66 grams of carbs, including net carbs of around 55 grams. Because of their high carb content, oats are not suggested for the keto diet.

People who follow the keto diet rely on high-fat, low-carb, and moderate protein. If you are sticking to a ketogenic diet, you need to reduce the consumption of carb content. However, the keto diet doesn’t demand you to reduce the carb content to 0%, but you can balance your diet.

What Can I Substitute for Oatmeal on Keto Diet?

  • Keto Smoothie Bowl

You can start your day with the flavors and texture of oats but without adding all carbs. You can blend keto-friendly ingredients, such as almond milk, avocado, nut butter, and nuts. Use coconut flakes or fresh fruits as a topping.

  • Keto Granola

You can make keto-friendly oats by mixing low-carb ingredients like sugar-free sweeteners, coconut, nuts, and almond flour. Add some unsweetened coconut flakes for a nutritious breakfast.

  • Egg Muffins

These savory egg-based muffins are the best substitute for oatmeal on the keto diet. Whisk eggs together and low-carb ingredients like cheese, bacon, peppers, and spinach before baking muffins.

  • Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are a good source of healthy fats and fibre. You need to simply mix chia seeds with yogurt or unsweetened nut milk and let it rest overnight in the refrigerator. Use coconut flakes, nut butter, and fresh berries as toppings.

How to Get Enough Fat on Keto Diet?

Everyone has different keto-friendly food choices, but here are high-quality fat choices that you can include in your keto diet to get enough fat:

  • Eggs

  • Fatty fish like tuna, salmon, and anchovies

  • Plant-based oils like walnut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil

  • Full-fat dairy

  • Seeds and nuts

  • Lamb, pork, and beef

Why does Blood Pressure Drop on Keto Diet?

The keto diet is beneficial for those people who are suffering from hypertension. It can help lower blood pressure because when your body is in the state of ketosis, it releases less insulin which can help to improve blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Why Am I Exhausted on the Keto Diet?

There might be various reasons that you feel tired on the keto diet. Some of them are written below:

  • Some people experience keto flu as their body adjusts their diet to lower the consumption of carbs. It may take some time to get used to it and some people experience flu-like symptoms in the first week of the keto diet which include:

    • Nausea

    • Headache

    • Tiredness

    • Fatigue and lethargy

  • When following any diet, dehydration is one of the most common causes of chronic tiredness and fatigue. You may experience dehydration on the keto diet as it is low in carbohydrates.

  • If you are eating foods of low quality that lack essential nutrients, you may experience tiredness. 

  • When you don’t consume carbohydrate-rich food and are not getting enough fat, your body would not able to work properly. As a result, you will feel exhausted. 

  • Stress can affect daily life at some point. The reasons for stress can be various, such as workload at work, being too busy, financial issues, and environmental changes. When you switch to a keto diet, it may worsen the stress temporarily, contributing to psychological and physical symptoms, such as hormonal imbalances, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. 

What to Eat Before Workout on Keto Diet?

You must have a healthy keto breakfast before working out. You can choose to eat the following items before workout on the keto diet:

  • You should eat healthy items that are high in healthy fats. You can have nuts and nut butter, or you can add them to a fat bomb or shake. Make sure to choose sugar-free items. 

  • Ensure to drink a keto-friendly protein shake. It can help your muscles but some protein shakes are filled with tons of sugar. Thus, make sure to avoid drinking sugary protein shakes. 

How Many Eggs a Day on a Keto Diet?

You can eat at least six whole eggs per day on a keto diet. However, it is recommended to follow the diet as suggested by your dietician. You must eat eggs while keeping your calorie count in check.


When you follow a keto diet, then make sure to follow as suggested by your dietician. Make sure to tell your health condition before start eating keto-friendly food items. Moreover, get such amazing blogs by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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