What is Veneers and How Much do Porcelain Veneers cost?

In today’s topic, we would like to share some information regarding dental Veneers. You might be looking for porcelain veneers or a different methodology for determining your teeth treatment. Porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth whitening kits, toothbrushes, teeth aligners, and a never-ending list. You must have a question, which option or dental treatment meets your requirement and which would well fit into your planned budget?

Our blog helps you to find what is veneers? Which one is better crowns or veneers? And how much does porcelain cost? And many more questions. If you are also searching for these questions, then this blog is for you.

What is Veneers?

In General sense, Veneers means think layer/sheet of something or artificial layer of material for superior appearance. It is usually used to conceal over the broken things or over defective things. What is the difference between crowns and veneers? Is veneers and crown same?

In Medical terms, veneers are thin layer porcelain material (i.e. porcelain material means ceramic material) which is identical to tooth color and it is placed to cover the front surface of teeth for better appearance and protection normally known as Veneers Shells. These teeth shells are artificial and customized as per the need, size, color or length of teeth.

Veneers are of two types

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Composite Veneers

What is Porcelain Veneers?

When teeth are croaked, broken, yellowish or jagged teeth and the person wants to have good whitening teeth or reshaped teeth then the person goes for Porcelain veneers.


  • It helps in a brighter smile.
  • These veneers are stain-resistant.


  • These veneers are permanent.
  • They could create tooth insensitivity.

What is composite veneers?

Composite veneers are quite the same as porcelain Veneers but in terms of price, it is an economical option. They are made from tooth color resins.

This material is used while tooth bonding. As the price of composite veneers is low, it is quite common.


  • It is less expensive.
  • It doesn’t require much preparation and requires less time for treatment.
  • It helps in natural-looking teeth.
  • It is prepared and can apply on very same day veneers.


  • It is not long lasting as compare to porcelain veneers

What is the process of getting veneers?

During your doctor’s visit or consultation, first thing is to do your dental examination. As afterwards which process is the best-fit doctor will recommend? For instance, different dental problems required different dental treatments. Here are the below-shared steps.


The first step is to know your dental problem and for that Doctor’s visit is required. Teeth con

  • Severe Teeth condition: Veneers are not the direct approach. If your teeth condition is very bad or it is destroyed then the only way is to remove your teeth then dental impacts are used to replace them with permanent Crowns. As in this condition, veneers are not a way here crown treatment is required.
  • Braces are used: In some conditions, before veneers where teeth are not in the right way or position then braces are used for straightening or aligning the teeth and veneers are latterly added.
  • Decay teeth: Sometimes teeth decay, then teeth are rebuilt and the crown is fixed with a ceramic crown that makes the looks great.
  • Color Teeth: This is one of the best painless treatments for coloured teeth; tooth. In this process, porcelain veneers are attached to the upper part of teeth with dental glue.


The second step knows the eligibility for veneers.

  • Who can get Veneers Treatment: As long as the age is above eighteen, age doesn’t matter but besides age other factors like good and strong oral conditions are mandatory to have for veneers.


If you have strong oral conditions then you are ready for the process.

  • Once doctors understand your teeth treatment then, the veneers process begins. The doctor will take measure the front part of the teeth. All veneers are artificial and customized. and how much do porcelain veneers cost? As teeth length, size and type of teeth from person to person. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to build veneers.

How much do porcelain veneers cost?

There are eight dental veneers in one set. Everybody doesn’t require one set of veneers . Sometimes they just need one or two veneers. One average veneers cost in India around Rs.10,000 – 20,000.

If we talk about cost of veneers in U.S.A then cost would be $925 and $2,500 price per teeth .Prices can be up and down as per quality of veneers. The other thing is veneers don’t cover under insurance as it is considered as cosmetic procedure.

What is the difference between crowns and veneers?

Crowns and Veneers are tooth treatment but as one covers the whole teeth but other just covers the front layer of teeth. The other difference is related to the conditions for veneers and crown is different as one is used when tooth is broken but on other hand other condition is only limited to discolor teeth or irregular in shape.



· Veneers are placed on the upper part of your existing teeth. · Crown is not placed on the teeth as it covers the whole teeth.
· It is thickness is around 1 mm. · It is thickness is around 2 mm.
· Common conditions for veneers treatment like discolored teeth or irregular shape or size. · Common conditions for crowns treatment like tooth decay, chipped  or broken teeth
· Veneers are costly but less than crown. · Crown is quite costly and price varies upon size, number of crowns
· Veneers are considered as cosmetic procedure that’s why it is not covered under insurance. · Crowns are considered as non cosmetic procedure.
· Veneers last for more than 12-15 years. · Crowns last for more than 10 -12 years. Sometimes it lasts for 15 years
· Veneers are painless treatment. · Crown is painless but if it has more than 4 crown it is bit painful.
· Veneers doesn’t require more time for adjustment. · Crowns required 1-2 weeks  for adjustment as it cover whole tooth.


In the blog we cover different aspects related to veneers like the process of getting veneers and how much porcelain veneers cost and what is composite veneers? There are no age criteria but a person should be above 18 and for veneers good oral condition is necessary. The care and hygiene factors should also be considered for the long life of veneers.

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