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Which Yoga Poses to Avoid During Pregnancy ?


Pregnancy is that time in the life of a woman which is ripe for nurturing and reflecting. By practicing yoga, woman can prepare her body and mind for the magical journey from pregnancy to birth of a child. Prenatal yoga can build the stability in the lower back strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve circulation.

However, certain yoga poses could be detrimental for the health of baby and mother as well. As in the first trimester there are high risks of miscarriages. This is the time when embryo implantation takes place. So, certain yoga postures must be avoided during this time like deep twists and other poses that leads to influence the implantation process.

The recommendations for poses to be avoided during second trimester are the postures that include spreading the feet apart to make space for growth of belly. During third semester, asana modifications must be considered by the pregnant women. These emphasize on creating space for belly and baby and to avoid the compression of belly.

Yoga Asanas to Avoid During Pregnancy

Abdominal Poses


avoid yoga poses during pregnancy


Try to avoid those poses in which contraction of abdomen is needed mainly during first trimester of pregnancy. Transverse the abdominal exercises practiced in second and third trimester. These exercises can aid healthy and strong back and will support in pushing at the time of labor.

Backbends Yoga Pose


You must practice extreme backbends with caution or can be skipped, like full wheel that can overstretch the abdominal muscles. More stress must be given to the safer backbends whose target is opening of upper back. In spite of, aggravating the present arch of lower spine and opening the chest to prevent rounding of shoulders and the upper back.

Breathing Techniques Yoga Pose


The breathing techniques that need breathe retention or instant, rapid movements of belly like bellows breathe Try stopping these methods of ventilation.


The breathing techniques that need breathe retention or instant, rapid movements of belly like bellows breathe. Try to stop these methods of ventilation. Sometimes you may even like to concentrate on Ujjiyi because pregnant mother feels stuffy in nose because of inflammatory mucosa. In fact, during labor, it is required to breathe in and breathe out through nose.

Full Inversions Yoga Pose




Inversions like shoulderstand and headstand may send diverse signals to the baby. What you need is head facing down. If you feel nausea or discomfort while bringing head downward, you must come out of the pose or abstain its practice. Otherwise milder inversions having head below the heart like downward dog and fold with separate leg forward are good to do.


Jumping Transitions




During the first trimester, jumping towards forward and backwards in sun salutations can interrupt the implantation process. Once more, connect to your instincts and feel what is right for your body. During pregnancy, fluctuations in hormones may have unexpected influence on your body. Some of the pregnant mothers implements even no change at all the way till due date.

Belly Down Poses


avoid during pregnancy belly down pose


The belly down poses like cobra is goods to do only if you are mindful of lengthening through lower back and grounding below the belly. By following this manner, the belly and the baby do not tolerate the weight of your body. Like always, if you are not sure, you can either skip the pose or can consult a trainer who is familiar with asana modifications during pregnancy. Locust pose and bow pose must be avoided because these apply direct pressure to uterus.


During first trimester of pregnancy, I personally put the yoga practice on hold and spent my time in nature talking long walks and doing some meditation with enchantment of some mantras. The majority of my yoga practice was done during second and third trimester at home following the above recommendations to avoid certain yoga poses. I did not have energy for vigorous practice due to morning sickness, fatigue and swelling in ankles and feet. Slowing down and paying attention towards delicacy of every pose. Moreover to cultivate wisdom paved the way to experience a vibrant pregnancy and childbirth.

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      Thanks, We can avoid intense abdominal work because of the pressure that is put on the abdominal cavity and potentially the uterus. Avoid back bends because they stretch the abdomen too much.

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