Beat Corona Virus With Your Mental Power

Today Coronavirus has taken shape of a pandemic throughout the world. India stands third with respect to the number of coronavirus positive cases. When lockdown started on March 25th there were about 500 positive cases reported per day and the rise was not very high during lockdown one, two, and three. But, since we have started with unlocking phase one; two and now in the third phase of unlocking the number of positive cases being reported on a daily basis are more than 50000, i.e. the position in the first week of August 2020. Some of the experts have expressed that no. of positive cases are likely to be 75000 by the end of August per day.

The government has recommended certain precautions to be taken by all of us to protect ourselves i.e.

  1. Not to go out unless urgently required,
  2. Wear masks strictly
  3. Maintain social distancing etc.

It may not be out of place to mention that as the number of cases is increasing everyone is in danger likely to be affected by this virus. To some, it may bite like an ant and to some like a poisonous snake leading to the death of a person. This pandemic is likely to continue until we are able to find a vaccine for this virus.

Let us try to understand how we can help ourselves so that this virus bites like an ant, not like a snake.

  • Build one’s immunity
  • Empower your mind

Build one’s immunity

Building one’s body immunity to fight against any disease/virus is pivotal. Doctors also suggest to:

  1. Do regular exercise/yoga to increase oxygen intake.
  2. Regular intake of vitamin C.
  3. Carry out saline gargle etc.

Empower your Mind

The human Metal power is a gift of GOD having the innumerable and immense power of unlimited supreme energy which manifests thoughts. It is a double-edged weapon which if properly channelized, can do magic and can lift the life script. Our life pattern depends on the delicacy of mental efficacy. The mind is the fertile ground for producing thoughts.

The mind produces two types of thoughts:

  • Positive thoughts
  • Negative thoughts

Positive Thoughts: Positive thoughts provide positive energy to us. With positive energy feeling of greatness comes in us. Feeling great means operating at our best i.e. full of life, full of enthusiasm, optimism, and contentment.

Negative thoughts: They are just reverse of positive thoughts. We feel miserable, stressed, or depressed and get into a negative spiral.

Thought —–> Action —-> Character —>Destiny

We can say that MIND casts our Destiny

We can also say MIND Controls our body system

The mind controls Body System:

All our body systems are interconnected and the mind is the controller. The mind stimulates various biochemical reactions, incites various physiological diseases and biological disorders.

A Yogi has rightly said, “That virus does not act from outside, but the greatest virus is sitting inside — THE MIND. It can create more damage to us than an outside virus.”

The greatest virus is inside the MIND which controls our body system. Let us take an example. If we are under stress/ depression, the first attack is on our digestive system. When our digestive system is upset, all other body systems get affected since all our body systems are interconnected and we get into a negative spiral as given below:

Our body is subservient to mind and cannot be influenced without its consent. The mind must first dispatch its consent for the body to be influenced.

Never allow negativity to set in:

Our negative feelings and emotions become one of the causes of flaring up of life-threatening cancerous diseases. On the contrary, positive, joyous feelings keep us hale and healthy.

So never allow negative feelings to set in your mind otherwise negative spiral will set in our body, since our body being grosser appearance to have greater might, but has controlling switch in mind. From the biological point of view, the human body is a gigantic, dense network of millions of cells and veins interconnected with each other. When any negativity/ threat sets in our mind certain physiological changes take place in our body resulting in stimulation of various biochemical reactions which results in the attack of various diseases — MIND BEING CONTROLLER.


Hence never be negative in life

Inculcate positivity in Mind:

The researchers have proved that the people who are positive and have a positive mental attitude, meaning those who incorporate positive thinking, live better and healthier lives, they are less prone to diseases attached to viruses. It has also been observed that bout of negativity is mightier enough to disturb our immunity system. It means the immunity of the body takes a back seat in face of negativity. If one is in a positive frame of mind, no virus can attack easily.





Author – A K GOSWAMI I.O.F.S (Retired)

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