Are You Unsure Whether Napping is Good or Bad for You?

A Nap is a brief time  of sleep, usually taken during the day. One-third of American adults nap. Most of us swear to relax and recover by sweating, while other people find their sleep unhelpful and upsetting.

Napping is Good for You? All Question Answered Below.

Do you think that nap is just for babies?

Studies have revealed that afternoon naps are really good for adults as well. A short nap taken in the mid-afternoon may boost memory, lift your mood, enhance job performance, and lowers stress.

Many researchers have found that Napping is an efficient way to relax and recharge the body. On the contrary, some find it as a disruption to the sleep.

Categorization of Nap

Depending upon their functioning, Naps could be categorized into the following types:

  • Recovery Nap

Due to deprivation of sleep, you could feel tired the next day. In order to compensate for the last night interrupted sleep, you may take a recovery nap.

  • Prophylactic Nap

To prepare oneself for sleep loss prior, this type of nap is taken. To exemplify, the workers who have to do night shift, can schedule their naps before their shifts to stay alert at their working place.

  • Appetitive Sleep

The naps taken to enjoy the beauty of naps are called appetitive naps. Napping could be relaxing and may enhance the level of your energy and mood upon waking.

  • Fulfilment Nap

Based on each day, children have a great requirement for sleep than adults. Fulfilment nap is a basic requirement in children of all ages and is scheduled into days of infants and toddlers.

  • Essential Nap

While being sick, you have a great requirement to sleep. This is because your immune system mounts a response to fight against infection or promotion of healing, that need extra energy. Naps that are taken during illnesses are considered essential.

Are naps good to take?

yes, naps good to take or detrimental for health and these factors are age, reason, time, and duration of the nap. To take maximum advantage of napping, it is crucial to know how these factors influence the impact of the nap.

What are the advantages to take a nap?

We can get many advantages to take a nap  like  lowers the homeostatic sleep drive that may assist us to feel more awake and give better performance. Consequently, napping may assist in improved learning, Lowering sleepiness, Regulation of emotions, and to aid memory formation.

What are the detrimental effects of taking a nap?

Napping is not advantageous for everyone. The detrimental effects of taking a nap Some people find it counterproductive. Even though reducing sleeping pressure can combat the level of fatigue, it can hinder your ability to sleep during the night. To exemplify, people with insomnia, could want to avoid napping. After a short nap, you could have a feeling of being perplexed; therefore, napping could be troublesome, if you are required to get back to work immediately.

What is the pattern of napping in children?

The better pattern of napping could be beneficial for children. For the intellectual, emotional, and physical development of children, sleep is very crucial. From being an infant to adolescent, researchers have noticed naps as follows:


For infants of up to 1 year old, it is quite normal to spend the majority of their time while sleeping. Each day, they may take one to four naps that last between 30 minutes and two hours. According to the research, taking an extended nap after the process of learning, boost memory consolidation in infants.


The time duration of napping gets lower after one year of age; however, these are still important for the age of one to two-year-old toddler. As per the researchers, toddlers who took naps had enhanced the ability of self-regulation towards their behavior and emotions.


Children of 3 to 5 years old need 10 to 12 hours of sleep on regular basis. Some of the toddlers get enough sleep during whole night, while others sleep during the night but they still need a nap during the day time. After the age of 5, many of the children could stop napping, or their napping patterns changes.


There are some challenges that interfere with teens to get enough sleep at night. In order to maintain their cognitive performance a recovery nap is very productive in teens. However, according to the research, teens who take nap during the day got less sleep at night.

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What is the pattern of napping in adults?

The pattern of Napping in adulthood may enhance cognitive performance and emotional regulation. Many of the good effects that are noticed in the children who nap are also noticed in young adults. Some obligations like employment make napping impossible; therefore, for some people falling asleep during the day is not easy.

In older adults, some adverse health effects have been linked with long naps and mid-day naps. Long naps have been linked with enhanced risk for heart-disease, diabetes, and depression. These naps in adults are also a signal of poor quality of sleep during night.

Does napping make us fat?

No, napping does not make us fat, It is really good to say that had someone gone for a brisk walk than taking an afternoon nap, they could have utilized more energy for the duration of the walk. However, sleeping itself is not the reason to gain enormous weight. The key behind is energy balance over extended period of time.


Napping could be a luxury that some people can enjoy in the chaotic times. If you can spend just 15 minutes of shut-eye during the day time, you may reap many health benefits. In order to assist the internal clock of the body and to maintain energy, you make take effective naps throughout the day.

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