CID Actor Dinesh Phadnis Passes Away Due to Multiple Organ Failure

CID actor Dinesh Phadnis is suffering from liver damage, not with heart attack, confirms Dayanand Shetty. He also reveals what made him rush to the hospital. Dayanand Shetty played the role of Daya in CID and Dinesh Phadnis played the role of Fredricks in CID. There are rumours about the health of Dinesh as everyone is saying that he had a heart attack. However, Dayanand Shetty breaks his silence on this rumour and tells the truth about his friend’s health.

Dayanand revealed that Dinesh had liver damage and he was sent to Tunga Hospital in Malad, Mumbai. He revealed that the actor’s condition has been critical for the past two days. According to Dayanand, there is no major improvement in his health, but still, they are hoping that he will get well soon. He further added that the treatment Dinesh was receiving for another condition, the medication had a negative effect on his liver. Due to this now doctors have to give him medications very carefully. No one knows when the medicine one is taking can lead to another health problem. One should be very careful while taking medications.

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