Fact or Fiction: Drink Water to Lose Weight?

Most probably, you have heard that drinking enough water can lead to plenty of advantages, including weight loss, glowing skin, and boost the immune system, and much more.

However, there are some people who used Google to get results that how they can control their weight or how they can lose some weight? The cheapest and easy to implement remedy is “drinking enough water to control your weight”. Yes, you have heard it right, if you start drinking enough water per day according to your age, then you can get incredible results.

Drinking water can help to enhance your metabolism, control your appetite and shape your body as well. Now the question arises, how could you maintain a schedule of drinking water for a whole day so you can ensure that you are drinking enough water for weight loss? Well, the answer is: you can consider the following steps, let’s get right in:

How Much Water Is Enough To Hydrate A Body And Lose Weight?

One thing that you must keep in your mind is the quantity of water will vary from one person to another. Most commonly, if you are an adult, then your body requires about 8 glasses of water per day, and if you are one of them who used to go to the gym daily, then you require more water.

Make sure you drink at least 480 ml water before work out and about 200 ml while exercising. And after a workout, you should drink 480 ml to refill your body with water because sweating while exercise can lead to a lack of water in your body.

How Is Water An Essential Aspect For Weight Loss?

Now, it’s time to know how water can play a vital role in weight loss. Let’s discuss all factors in sequence:

  1. Drink water before a meal

Make sure you drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal because in this way, it can help you to control your hunger and you’ll eat less that indirectly helps you to lose weight.

  1. Water helps in burning calories

Water is the best method to burn calories, and if you are a gym lover, then you most probably have to drink more water as compared to others, so the more you drink water, the more you can burn calories.

  1. Water controls hunger

Most often, you may have seen that if you drink enough water, then you avoid overeating, and as a result, you eat less, and indirectly water controls your appetite. In a nutshell, if you eat less that means you intake fewer calories and you can get your body in shape. As we have discussed earlier, if you can drink water 20-30 minutes before your meal, then for sure, you can have control over your hunger.

  1. Choose water over sweetened beverages

Many of you may love to drink sugary drinks, including alcoholic beverages, soda, smoothies, and other calorie-rich drinks, so instead of these drinks, you must have a glass of water that is calorie-free and helps to control your weight.

  1. Water helps to boost metabolism

Basically, the idea behind increasing metabolism is so our body can convert the food we take into energy, so here it is important to increase water intake to boost metabolism because if your body is not hydrated enough, then there are fewer chances for you to throw your body in hard-working tasks.

  1. Add water-rich food to your diet

It is not necessary to only drink water to lose weight, but you can add water-rich food to your diet as well, including watermelon, peaches, pineapple, tomatoes, strawberries, or cauliflower. If you are non-vegetarian, then you can eat lean meat such as turkey or chicken.

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Get To Know At What Time You Must Drink Water to Lose Weight

One of the most important things that you must know is at what time you should drink water to get hydrated and lose weight. Consider the below points to know the best time to drink water:

  1. Consider drinking water pre and post-workout

If you drink water before a workout, then most probably you’ll feel energetic and refreshed. After exercising and when you sweat, then it can lead to loss of water from your body, so it is crucial to drink water after a workout to hydrate your body again.

  1. Drink water when you are not well

It may be sound weird to drink water, especially when you are not well, but it works for your body. So, whenever you feel low, then instead of having a heavy meal or unhealthy food, try to grab a glass of water and drink because, in this way, it can release toxins, and you may start feeling better and fresh.

  1. Drink water before eating

Try to hold you back from overeating, and the best method to avoid overeating is by drinking at least one glass of water before your meal. One of the most important things is to make a schedule to have your meal and make sure you stick to your schedule. In addition to this, you’ll also take fewer calories, in short, less intake food, fewer intake calories.

  1. Drink water in the morning

Many of you maybe love to drink water after waking up in the morning, which is very good for your health. If you are not one of them, then you must make this habit of drinking water first in the morning. Get one glass of water in the morning before eating anything, or you can also drink warm water, it will be beneficial for you.

You Are On The Way To Get Your Body In Shape.

Physically and mentally fit person is more able to work efficiently than those who are not mentally and physically fit. Many of you may be facing weight gaining problems but now you can get a fit body by reducing your weight, and all you need to follow the above tips and tricks.

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