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A low-carb diet is considered one of the most effective ways to quickly lose weight. A low-carb diet, which has recently been especially popular, is more likely to be a lifestyle or food style.

In a week of such nutrition you can lose up to 5 kilograms without exposing the body to serious stress. However, it should be understood that no diet guarantees a lasting result. As soon as you stop eating in this way, the body begins to make up for lost weight.

Let’s figure out how to create a low-carb diet menu, so that it is safe and most effective for weight lossWhat is the essence of a low-carb diet, and what menu you need to adhere to  read in our material

“Remember, carbohydrates cannot be completely excluded from the diet. This will lead to hair loss, skin problems, weakness and lack of mood, as well as impaired renal function.” 


Features of a Low Carb Diet

The nature of the diet to simplify, is the complete removal of starch and sugar from the diet. Such a diet is given to diabetics for therapeutic purposes, as it helps you to normalize the function of the internal organs responsible for producing your own insulin. Compliance with a therapeutic diet in conjunction with therapy can result in sustained remission, so proper nutrition should be recommended for all patients with diabetes. When we are talking about a low-carb diet for women looking to get rid of extra pounds, it’s best not to turn to it immediately. Gradually remove “harmful” foods from the diet so a healthy body does not experience discomfort. By the way, the common misconception that eating large quantities of sweets increases in diabetes is a misunderstanding.


The Benefits and Harms of Low Carbohydrate Diets

As already mentioned, this diet is suitable for diabetics. And because people with diabetes are typically overweight (this is one of the side effects), the diet is not only a way to normalize the function of internal organs but also an opportunity to get rid of kilograms that have been gained. Such a diet has the advantages of:

  • no need to calculate calories;
  • hearty meals and normal servings of food;
  • variety of diet.

When you easily leave the diet for weight loss then it will produce a positive result: the weight will not return until you return with loads of carbohydrates to your regular diet.

The Cons of This Diet Also Includes:

  • The body requires glucose which carbohydrates provide it. With a lack of glucose, the brain does not get enough nutrients, which results in a decrease in cognitive ability.
  • Glucose affects the production of pleasure hormones. Its shortcoming results in depressive states, rapid fatigue and apathy.
  • The abundance of protein in the diet makes the cardiovascular system seriously weighed down.
  • With a prolonged carbohydrate absence, the problems start with the skin , hair and nails.

Therefore, a carbohydrate-free diet should not be adopted for more than a week for women with a “tighten” period of restrictions. Of example, you will lose weight, but you will have to rebuild the muscles, blood vessels and skin. In addition, as with any other dietary limitation, a low-carb diet has a variety of contraindications:

  • not suitable for young girls;
  • not suitable for pregnant and lactating (except for diabetics, nutrition is adjusted by a doctor);
  • Strictly restricted to people with neurological, liver and kidney diseases;
  • forbidden to people who have recently undergone surgery.

You can’t sit on a low-carb diet if less than a month has passed since the previous “carbohydrate hunger strike”.


Proper diet

Such a diet is considered one of the least strict. The rules for her are very simple:

  • You should eat no more than 30 grams of healthy carbohydrates for a day.
  • You should eat regularly but only on hunger condition. That is, snacking simply because there is nothing to do or it is not necessary to eat on time, as it should be.
  • “Empty” carbohydrates are excluded from diet completely.
  • Be sure to use vitamin supplements (it is better to consult a doctor about the choice of suitable complexes).
  • Be sure to be drinking plenty of water. Natural freshly squeezed juices are often permitted as unsweetened tea or coffee.
  • The last meal is due 3-4 hours before bedtime.

But a smooth entry and departure from the diet is the main thing. You can lose up to 5 kilograms per week according to all those guidelines.


We Make the Menu for the Week

We turn to the most interesting: we make a menu of a low-carb diet for women for a week.


  • breakfast: French omelet with vegetables and mushrooms or 150-200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, unsweetened tea or coffee, apple;
  • lunch: 200 grams of boiled meat or white fish, vegetable salad or grilled vegetables;
  • dinner: rice with vegetables or meat;


  • breakfast: 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese with fresh vegetables, 30 grams of cheese or a couple of hard-boiled eggs, freshly squeezed apple and carrot juice;
  • lunch: 200 grams of boiled meat or chicken breast, vegetable salad;
  • dinner: consomme, mushroom cream soup or chicken noodles;


  • breakfast: a mix of fresh or baked vegetables or 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese with berries, a boiled egg and 30 grams of hard cheese, coffee or tea;
  • lunch: seasonal vegetable soup or chicken noodles, light vitamin salad;
  • dinner: baked or stewed meat, stewed vegetables;


  • breakfast: any cereal from low-carb cereals, tea or coffee, fresh fruit;
  • lunch: steamed vegetables and 200 grams of boiled chicken breast;
  • dinner: buckwheat porridge or vegetables with stewed beef;


  • breakfast: vegetable or mushroom omelet or a pair of boiled eggs with 40 grams of hard cheese, tea or coffee;
  • lunch: sea cocktail (mussels, octopus, squid with seaweed);
  • dinner: vegetable stew with chicken or braised beef with vegetables;


  • breakfast: 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese with vegetables and fresh herbs, tea or coffee;
  • lunch: any meat soup;
  • dinner: baked fish or meat, steamed vegetables;


  • breakfast: any low-carb cereal milk porridge, tea or coffee;
  • lunch: fish or vegetable soup;
  • dinner: 200 grams of stew plus fresh or stewed vegetables.



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