What is Echinacea Tea?

From a long time the roots and leaves of the Echinacea plant are used for the medicinal purpose. The other name of Echinacea plants is “purple coneflower”. In Eastern and central North America as well as in Europe it is found. Echinacea is considered to be immune-strengthening tea because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is present in many commercial products like tablets, ointments, tincture, extracts and capsules. Commonly it is consumed in a tea.

Health benefits of Echinacea Tea

1.It Fights The Flu

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it is helpful in providing relief from flu and cold. To shortening the duration of flu a consumption of this tea is proved to be helpful. Consumption of Echinacea tea reduces the duration of symptoms of a cold by 1-4 days. It helps to decrease the symptoms by 58%. It is full of cold prevention and cold threatening properties.

2.It Helps Control Blood Sugar

The purpura is the unique feature of Echinacea which helps to lower down the sugar level in the body. To control the amount of sugar its anti-inflammatory properties are proved to be fruitful. If a person is diabetic or pre-diabetic it proved to the best medicine for them.  People should not stop taking insulin therapy or other diabetes treatment because Echinacea is definitely not a replacement for these treatments. But drinking Echinacea tea is one of the ways to control the levels of blood sugar.

3.Aids Healthy Cell Growth

To repair the cells in a body, food and herbal remedy that contain and are rich in antioxidants are proved to be helpful. It helps to destroy toxins (free radicals) that damage the cells in the body. It helps for the healthy growth of new cells and take care of the existing cells by providing the protective shield to it.

4.Potentially Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer

Echinacea is helpful in various type of cancer.  those who undergo from the treatment cancer it proved to be beneficial for them due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature. Treatment of cancer kills many healthy cells, by which the immune system becomes weaker, so Echinacea tea proves to be fruitful to counter some of the side effects of the cancer treatment. It is also itself a  cancer treatment. Its extract slows down the growth of tumour cells and with this, it also helps to block the cancer cells to spread.

5.Helps Manage Anxiety

The herbal content present in Echinacea is proved to be effective in managing anxiety. It helps to feel calmer if a person has anxiety attack  Echinacea can be an excellent herb for those that fight with anxiety and relax that person. At a time when a person is having an anxiety attack at that time a cup of tea helps to relax and calmer.

6.Lowers Blood Pressure

It is trusted that it helps to lower down the blood pressure. Daily consumption of this herbal tea will help to heal the problem of high blood pressure.. Echinacea is full of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory content which helps to control the level of blood pressure. Anxiety is one of the factors which increase the blood pressure so it helps the clam the person.

7.Alleviates Pain

In the by-gone-era, Echinacea is used as a painkiller. It,s roots and leaves are used for medicinal properties, Echinacea in Great Plains of Indians was used as a painkiller. It’s an effective natural pain reliever. It gives relief in a different type of pains like bowels, headaches, Snakebites, measles, Sore throats, Stomach ache, Tonsillitis and Toothache

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