Health Benefits of Running Daily

Running is one of the simplest and most affordable types of physical activity. Professional athletes and beginners, children and adults, those who are on the mass and those who are on the dry side are engaged in it – in general, all. In this article, we have collected for you 10 reasons to wear sneakers and go for a run right now. Read and run!
Read benefits of running daily.
Many use jogging only as cardio or warm-up before power, not fully understanding how many advantages a regular jogging workout has. Running should not be underestimated!

Here are just a few of the benefits of running daily:


health benefits of running daily

1. Strengthening Immunity

If you often suffer from a cold, running is your best friend. Jogging (especially in cool weather) will temper your body and make it more resistant to germs.

2. Improving Blood Circulation

Regular jogging exercises strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase their tone, and also normalize blood pressure – it doesn’t matter if you have it high or low. And during such a cardio load, the heart muscle strengthens.

3. Getting Rid of Depression

During running, your body produces a hormone of joy – endorphin, and this effect persists not only during training, but also after. Psychologists also argue that regular jogging makes a person less irritable and helps with insomnia.

4. Strengthening the Joints

It is believed that the running load “kills” the knees, but in fact it is not. On the contrary, regular running strengthens the joints – of course, if you run correctly and gradually increase the load.

5. Fat Burning

During and after running, the active process of lipolysis starts – the breakdown of fat cells. Under conditions of cardiac load, the body begins to spend its “reserves for a rainy day.” So if you want to lose weight or dry out, you should start running – however, such a training should last at least 30 – 40 minutes.

6. Increased Concentration

It is proved that people involved in jogging are able to concentrate on a task faster and more efficiently and have increased attentiveness. And running improves memory!

7. Strengthening the Respiratory System

Lungs run intensively while running, saturating the body with the oxygen it needs. As a result of regular jogging, your lungs will become stronger, and their vital capacity – more.

8. Improving Stamina

The fact that running requires stamina is no secret. With each run, your body will push its limits of the possible and become more prepared for cardiac loads. This means that the heart and lungs will work better, and you will become stronger and stronger.

9. Strengthening the Muscles

During running, almost all (and this is more than 600!) Muscles of a person are involved. That is, while running, you swing not only your legs, but your back, abs and even arms. And while running muscles stretch and become more elastic. Not an exercise, but an athlete’s dream!

10. A charge of vigor

Running is a great way to “charge” your body with energy before an important event or at the beginning of the day. During running, metabolism is accelerated, tissues are saturated with oxygen, which means that processes in our body are more efficient.
And also a bonus: in order to run, you do not need any special equipment. So put on your sneakers and go!

How to start running if I ….. boring / cold / difficult / laziness / nowhere (underline as necessary)?

Of course, there are objective reasons when it’s better not to run – for example, injuries or serious illnesses (such as thrombosis). But in the vast majority of cases, running will only benefit: the main thing is not to start immediately with the conquest of the marathon. Run small distances first and gradually increase the distance – over time you will notice that it’s easier and easier for you to run, and your body becomes stronger, stronger, and most importantly, healthier.
Contrary to stereotypes, you can run in the winter. The issue with a lack of time is much easier to solve than you think: the key is that you will never have enough time, because there are only 24 hours in a day. But it’s worth considering that in your daily schedule you can shift or optimize to allocate at least 30 minutes – and not even to run, but to yourself, because such a simple training will bring you great benefit. Various applications will help you with motivation. So the most difficult part remains: to overcome yourself and start!

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