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Most people prefer materialistic wealth over health, but good health is something that is actually true wealth. Most often, people ignore their health just because they run behind money, but they value their lives when they get sick.

Long and Short Essays on Health is Wealth in English for Kids and Students in English

Below is a descriptive essay about health is wealth for students on the topic, consisting of 200 – 500 words.  A Health is Wealth short essay is provided for children consisting of 150-200 words.

Short Essay on Health is Wealth in English 200 words

The old and popular saying ‘health is wealth’ is still spreading its message to the world. In this busy life where people avoid opting for good health options, at the same time, they only focus on their work. Being busy doesn’t mean you skip your healthy routine.

The true meaning of the proverb ‘health is wealth’ is health is a vital aspect than wealth. If a person is healthy, only then he/she can perform all the required tasks than the person who is not well.

Being a healthy person, you’ll have social, physical as well as mental well-being. To maintain your health, you need to consider the following things:

Healthy Diet: Make sure that you are eating healthy food to have good health. Try to avoid fast food and follow a proper diet to prevent yourself from diabetes, blood pressure related problems, and cholesterol problems.

Exercise: Instead of opting for the gym, you can do Zumba or go for sports like badminton, tennis or that you love the most.

Despite this, ensure to take at least 8 hours of sleep for your body development. A healthy body diminishes negativity from life and keeps you away from illness.

Long Essay on Health is Wealth in English 500 words

The proverb ‘health is wealth’ refers that health is important and the greatest wealth in the world. If you are mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically fit, then you will fall in the category of healthy people. A healthy body and mind will make you feel happy and good.

Most people often focus on their children’s physical health but make sure to take care of their mental health too. To maintain your daily goals, it is important to have a healthy and active mind.

Maintaining Good Health

To maintain your health, ensure that you follow a balanced diet with the right amount of minerals. Exercise daily, eat veggies and fruits, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep to promote well-being. A healthy body and mind eliminate negativity and boost positivity.

Avoid eating junk food and street food. People mostly go for street food instead of healthy food, but it can cause various diseases.

Quit smoking, avoid chewing tobacco and stop the intake of alcohol and drugs. These are the reasons for death at an early stage.

Try to avoid taking stress because it has been proven that it can cause heart problems, etc.

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind. If you have an unhealthy body, then you won’t be able to use your strengths to succeed in life. Follow the phrase “early to bed early to rise”, which makes a person healthy wealthy. Getting proper ZZZ’s time is necessary for good health.

Brush your teeth twice a day and ensure to wash your hands before and after finishing your food. Ensure to take bathe regularly to hold yourself back from germs and diseases.

Importance of Good Health in Life

Being healthy, you’ll more able to work for more time to face a difficult time in your life. As you know, you have face ups and down in your life, but unhealthy people are less likely to face obstacles in their life.

When you follow a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to free from the tension of seeking help from doctors every now and then. On the other hand, when you suffer from poor health, you need to spend your money and time in hospitals. However, a healthy lifestyle will encourage you to enjoy your life with a relaxed mind.

Good health alleviates stress and boosts activity that adds more energy to work harder and productively.

Good health will encourage you to do better in your life and motivate you to get what you always wanted to achieve. Most often, it has been seen that people who are wealthy in terms of money, often experience poor health. It has proved that people, who only run behind the success by neglecting their health, often lack a healthy lifestyle.

You can buy luxuries with money in the world, but money can’t buy you good health. Only you are responsible for your good or poor health habits. Therefore, make sure that you fall in the category of people who follow healthy habits.


All of the above points indicate that ‘health is wealth.’ Now, there is no doubt why this proverb is appropriate. In the above sections, we’ve discussed the health is wealth essay in 200 and 500 words. You can get an idea of the importance of health in life after reading this blog.

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