Important Tips of Fitness in Covid-19- Physical Activities

People have gradually moved into “new normal” and have realized that how some simple things such as going for a walk in a park and enjoying a meet with friends were taken for granted once. The pandemic has completely transformed the lives of people and the staying fir has become the dire need of the hour. Being self-quarantined, maintaining social-distancing, and closure of gyms have made it so hard to exercise. However, Read Important tips of Fitness in COVID-19 (Physical Activities).


No matter what the circumstances are, regular exercise is crucial for everyone. Below are some reasons for why exercise is significant especially during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Boosts immunity system:

    According to researchers, moderate-intensity exercises done on regular basis has numerous immune-boosting advantages that could assist your body to fight certain infections that include COVID-19.

  • Prevent weight gain:

Exercise could assist you to burn some calories that are caused due to certain dietary changes and its effects on some of the sedentary lifestyle.

  • Lowers stress and anxiety  

Exercises are mood boosters and can assist adults to lower the levels of stress and build up their emotional well-being.

  • Enhances Sleep

There is certain evidence suggest regular exercise keeps you to fall asleep in a faster manner and enhances sleep quality and getting a good sleep during the night has been found to boost the immune system.

Exercises could be good for older people with chronic health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, etc. Regular exercises can also improve flexibility, strength, mobility, and cardiovascular health. It can also boost the level of energy in the body.


Before making a plan to exercise, always seek the advice of your physician, if you have any health issues. If you feel any pain during any workout, just stop at that moment immediately. It is very important to be safe while exercising, so begin slowly and give your muscles and tendons some time to adapt to any new activity.

Below are some suggestions to keep going:

  • Move outdoors In this difficult time, you need some fresh air while staying away from others. Jogging, walking, cycling, and hiking may assist you to get plenty of fresh air. If you don’t have much time for a full-length outdoor exercise session, you can do your work-out by breaking your time into several a few minutes’ sessions.
  • Exercise with family Exercising is the best method to spend some time with family in a fruitful manner. To exemplify, you may spend some time with your family members while walking, bike riding, playing soccer games, attending yoga-sessions together in the living room, etc.
  • Online Exercise Videos You will find many online videos related to yoga, Pilates, strength training, dance, or any other type of workout. Moreover, many exercise studios and community organizations are giving on-demand virtual fitness content.
  • Calorie-Burning Chores Doing some chores such as working in the garden, mowing the lawn, washing the car, or cleaning the garage gives you amazing opportunities to burn down calories and building the muscles. On one hand, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, you will yield certain benefits after completing household tasks.

Create a workout area in your home

Are you really missing workout at gyms? You can create a workout area at your home. If you have space at your home, keep your equipment handy, and designate an inviting area of your home. Make use of resistance bands, water bottles on the weight of your body to perform the resistance exercises.  You may start doing some push-ups against the wall. Start climbing stairs as a strength-training activity.

Some Basic Activities:

  • Disperse your household chores into your sitting time: such as vacuuming a room, scrubbing a sink, doing some yard work, or wiping down your appliances.
  • While you are on a call, just move around. Stand for an online meeting, do squats or lunges while you’re waiting for a meeting to start, or keep jumping in front of the TV during the commercial breaks.
  • Try ‘microwave exercises’ such as countertop push-ups while you are waiting for the kettle to boil or toast to pop up.

How much exercise is enough in a day?

It is very significant to remember during the uncertain times that something is definitely better than nothing. Going for a walk on your terrace will not only stretch your legs, it also clears your head. It could also inspire you to walk some distance further, the other day.

The adults must spend approximately 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week combined with two sessions of strength-building activities each week.


Even though it takes many efforts to create and adjust according to new fitness routines, basic physical activity may assist you to optimize your health and your well-being during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The present scenario has made it very difficult for you to partake in different forms of exercise. It is also normal to feel frustrated. Don’t let yourself down and keep experimenting with new workouts till you find something to enjoy.


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