Tamil Actor Vivek Passes Away after Suffering Serious Heart Attack


Popular and one of the best comedian actors from the Tamil industry, Vivek passed away on Saturday after suffering a serious heart attack. According to the reports, he has suffered a heart attack, and his condition was critical. In Chennai, he had been hospitalized following a cardiac arrest.

As per the statement of SIMS hospital, Vivek was brought to the hospital on Friday, and he was in an unconscious state. And yesterday, he underwent the emergency coronary angiogram followed by angioplasty.

Is there any link between Vivek’s cardiac arrest and the vaccine shot he received?

Later, when he fell sick, there were claims that his condition may be because he had received the covid-19 vaccine. This was the reason why the Tamil Nadu Health Department conducted a press meet to dismiss the rumors.

State Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan said there were around 830 people who received Covaxin at the same hospital on Thursday, and those people are fine. With this, they deny all the rumors and links between the actor’s heart attack and the vaccine he got.

This was Vivek’s first heart attack, and it was serious. Dr. Sivasamy said that they have done an angiogram followed by angioplasty, and they placed a stent. He was brought to the hospital in critical condition, in the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (EMO), and it might take at least 24 hours to improve him.

As per the reports, he had spoken that medicine should be taken to cope with covid-19. Vivek said everyone must follow safety precautions to stay safe by wearing a mask, washing hands properly, and maintaining social distancing. When it comes to medical method to combat the coronavirus is to take this vaccine.

You might be taking Ayurvedic medicines, Zinc tablets, Vitamin C, Siddha medicines, etc. He said, all of these are some additional precautions, but the vaccine can save you. He added that even you are vaccinated, and if you think that you don’t get covid-19, then it is not like that. But if covid-19 hits you, then it won’t lead to death. He also urged many people to take the vaccine.

Celebrities and Fans are Shocked after Hearing this News

Various celebrities and his fans are extremely shocked after hearing this unfortunate news. Celebrities penned an emotional note and tribute for him. A.R.Rahman wrote that he can’t believe the demise of Vivek. He wrote about his legacy and appreciates that how he had entertained all of us.

About Actor and Comedian Vivek

Legendary Tamil actor and comedian Vivek born in Kovilpatti in Tuticorin district in south Tamil Nadu. In the 1980s, Vivek has started his film career with veteran director K Balachandar as an assistant director cum scriptwriter. Balachandar got impressed by his timing sense and comedy, and he offered him a small role in the Tamil movie “Manathil Urudhi Vendum” in 1987.

The director also featured him in his next movie “Puthu Puthu Arthangal”. Vivek set a benchmark in this movie by performing his role very well where he continuously uttered the dialogue – “Innikki Setthaa, Nalaiku Paal.”

At that time, there was no one who can assist him since then, although he took a few years to make himself a solo comedian. His career progressed since the late 90s, and he earned well reputation, name, and fame for almost the next two decades.

His best qualities were mimicry, sharp tongue, and timing sense. He worked with various superheroes of the Tamil industry, including Rajinikanth where he shared the same space to shine. He played various roles over three decades, where his roles in movies like, “Dhool,” “Run,” “Perazhagan,” “Sivaji,” and “Annyiyan” became very popular. He was even featured as a hero in the Tamil movie “Solli Adippen,” but the movie didn’t work well.

He emphasized the dangers of the society, including girl child infanticide (a practice that carried away in South Tamil Nadu), caste conflicts, and religious superstitions.

Vivek was commonly known as “Chinna Kalaivanar” for his penchant for social reforms in his dialogues.

In 2009, he was awarded the Padma Shri by the central government. Vivek also established a strong bonding to the principles of A P J Abdul Kalam, and he highlighted them with the help of his roles. Kalam also suggested him to spread the requirement of the green movement and growing more trees. And, he followed the words of Abdul Kalam and started a movement to plant a billion trees all over Tamil Nadu.

His son passed away a few years ago after suffering from brain fever and dengue. Now, his wife and two daughters are there.

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