What is Mewing and Does Mewing Before and After Show Mewing Results if yes How to Mew?

Nowadays, a technique of reshaping face known as Mewing is becoming popular on social media sites. The mewing technique was named after Dr. Mike Mew who was a British orthodontist. This mewing technique helps in reshaping the face, improve breathing and orthodontic and facial structure problems. On social media, this technique has acquired a lot of attention. Plus, results show that it can actually help in changing your facial look. In this blog, you’ll come to know about Mewing: Overview, Before and After Mewing Results & Much More

What Does Mewing Mean?

To better your facial shape, mewing helps in aligning your oral posture in a specific way. Mewing involves the practice of resting your tongue in a certain posture to make your tongue a part of your muscle memory.

Most often, people rest their tongue by placing it at the bottom of their mouth and slightly open mouth. Some people say that positioning the tongue can help to resolve myriad problems, whether it be crooked teeth or sleep apnea.

Those who practice mewing, by touching the roof of their mouth, rest their tongue and, their lips will be touching each other and teeth will be close together.

How to Mew?

Now, you are aware of what is mewing and the purpose of it. Now the question arises, how to mew. Let’s get started to know the process of mewing:

  1. Close your mouth and make sure to touch your upper teeth with lower teeth
  2. Rest your tongue while pressing it, and touch it slightly on the roof of your mouth.
  3. You will feel a little pressure in your jaw and strain on the muscle of your jaw if your tongue is in right place.
  4. Stay as long as possible in this position.
  5. Instead of mouth respiration, focus on your nasal breathing.

Make sure that you do not roll the tip of your tongue over the roof of your mouth. You only need to press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, even if you feel weird. Mewing practice will make help you to rest your tongue in this position for a longer time.

Does Mewing Actually Work?

When you visit some YouTube videos where people demonstrate how to mew, and they also show their before and after mewing images. Mewing may or may not offer you the results that you are looking for. Some reports show that results can be shown within a month, but some sites agree that it can take years to get desired results.

However, remember one thing that there is no evidence that shows this technique is the alternative solution for jaw surgery.

Some people believe that practicing mewing can help in reducing jaw pain, and you can get rid of snoring. Basically, mewing helps in making your Jawline accurate and makes it look nicer and thinner.

What the Mewing before and after Results Reveal?

After knowing about this technique, most probably, you’ve tried to watch mewing videos, right? Mewing before and after results will blow your mind and convince you to believe that it actually works.

If a thing carries some advantages, then it will also carry some side effects. So, before opting for any technique, make sure to do it well and get detailed information about that specific thing.

Sometimes, mewing before and after images are false, and it can be due to lighting and shadow. The position of the head in images may be a position to make the jaw look more accurate. In a nutshell, it is recommended to seek help from your doctor before practicing mewing.

More clinical research is mandatory to identify whether it is efficient for you or not.

Benefits of Practicing Mewing

The following are some notable benefits of mewing:

  • Sturdy Facial Structure

People, who practice mewing, often feel the stronger facial structure. It supports the skull and provides a lift, which otherwise is dropped because of less chewing activity.

  • Strong Cheekbones and Jawlines

Stronger Jawline is the result of proper mewing. Stronger cheekbones and Jawline add more beauty to your face.

  • Improved Eye Region

The mewing helps in reshaping the entire facial structure, and it also brings a positive change around the eyes.

  • Improve Breathing

One of the biggest benefits of mewing is that it helps in proper breathing. When you deny mouth breathing, half of the problems get solved.

Side Effects of Mewing

You are aware of what benefits it can serve you. However, have you ever thought if you do it in the wrong way, then what will happen? The answer is, you can suffer from some side effects. Consider the following dangers that are associated with mewing:

  • Cause Jaw Pain

When you tightly join your teeth and the posture of the tongue is not right, then it can lead to jaw pain. Some people join their teeth too hard to place their tongue in the right position. If you are doing this, then most probably, you can suffer from jaw pain.

  • Expanded Buccinators

Buccinators are small and thin muscles that are located between the mandible and maxilla. They are on each side of your face, and if you mew improper, then it can enlarge buccinators. Expanded buccinators can create a problem with swallowing and breathing.

  • Crooked Teeth

Clenching teeth too hard or putting your tongue in the wrong position often lead to crooked teeth. While mewing, if you observe some changes in your front teeth, then make sure to seek help from a dentist.

Having crooked teeth can cause more problems for you, such as you may have to wear braces or Invisalign braces. Therefore, make sure to do mewing in the right way to avoid crooked teeth.

  • Dark Circle

If the posture doesn’t support your skull, then it can affect your facial structure. Several mewers have reported that they got a dark circle after they practice mewing. After analyzing and studying, they realized that they have done mewing in the wrong way that has led to a dark circle.

  • Headache

When you mew hard, it can cause a headache. Especially, when you forcefully press your tongue against the palate, then it can cause swelling on your tongue.

  • Scalloped Tongue

When your tongue wedged so hard between your teeth, then it can cause scalloping on the sides of your tongue.

Take a Short Outlook of Mewing

You must know that you won’t get desired results from mewing overnight. So have patience if you are practicing mewing. Mewing will cost you nothing because you can do it anytime and anywhere without spending money. However, make sure to follow the instructions while mewing to avoid mistakes.

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