What is double marker test cost and how is double marker test done?

Being pregnant, you have to undergo various tests, and a double marker test is one of them. Most pregnant women get scared of going through certain tests that they haven’t heard before. A double marker test can be referred to as a dual marker test. To know more about a double marker test or dual marker test, keep reading this blog:

What is a Double Marker Test?

Among other common tests, a double marker test is also for pregnant women.” It helps in determining any chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus. Basically, a chromosomal defect can increase malformation in the baby and affect the health of the baby.

It is preferably used to identify conditions like Down’s syndrome or Edward’s syndrome in the baby. It includes a blood test and is often done between the 9th-14th week of pregnancy. Plus, it also includes a blood test.

But it can be seen that women aged above 35 are often at risk of giving birth to babies with some abnormalities. This is the reason why the double marker test is often performed on women aged above 35.

However, the younger women aged less than 35 are also asked to undergo this test. Especially, those women who have a history of congenital disorders in their family.

How is Double Marker Test Performed?

The dual marker test can be done with an ultrasound. Once your doctor gets your blood sample, then they will check the level of free-beta hCG and PAPP-A. On the other hand, a low-level plasma protein directly refers to the danger of Down’s syndrome. By the placenta, this glycoprotein hormone is developed at the time of pregnancy. If the level of free-beta hCG is high, the risk of Down’s syndrome will also be high. On the flip side, a low level of plasma protein also indicates the risk of Down’s syndrome.

What If You Get Positive Test Report?

It is quite difficult to deal with a child who is different from other kids. It is natural to feel worried after having positive test results. However, once you go through the information, you’ll more likely to realize that it doesn’t end over here. Children with some disorder or abnormalities can live a normal life as we do, but they need extra care.

Once you got the results, time will be given to you to make important decisions about other tests, and medical treatments.

What If You Get a Negative Test Report?

The result of this test can be categorized as low, moderate, and high risk. Low-risk result indicates that there will be low possibilities of your baby having any neurological or chromosomal defects. If you got a negative result report that doesn’t mean your baby will not get any problem.

Who has to Experience Dual Marker Test?

Generally, it is suggested to every pregnant woman undergo the dual marker test. However, certain categories of women need to have the dual marker test than others. The following factors need to consider by the professional before prescribing this test:

  • If a woman is 35+
  • Family history of congenital disorder
  • Diabetes history in the family

How to Get Prepared for the Test?

This test is quite the same as other blood tests, and nothing special preparation is required. Ensure to inform your doctor about the medications that you are taking or if allergies that you might have. As per the information provided by you, your doctor can recommend you what medication you need to skip before the test.

The Double Marker Test Cost

How much you pay for a double marker test will depend on the location and insurance coverage. As you know, this test is optional, and the double marker test cost will be covered if you have your health insurance policy.

You can find out your insurance coverage by calling your insurance provider and whether you require pre-authorization or not. Alternate to this, you can get potential cost or payment plans for this test by calling your hospital or lab.

Generally, the double marker cost varies from one location to another. And, most often, this test is done along with the NT scan, so you have to pay for both tests. The approximate cost of this test could range from Rs.1000 to Rs. 5000. In many cities, the average cost of this test could be around Rs. 2500.

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Benefits of Enduring the Double Marker Test

As you know, this test helps in detecting chromosomal malformations in the foetus. Despite this, some other reasons are there for conducting this test:

  • This test is more reliable and accurate, which helps to determine any abnormalities or issues.
  • If the test result is positive, then further diagnostic procedures can be carried out to identify the problem.
  • Professionals often recommend some tests to identify Edward’s syndrome or Down’s syndrome in the baby. This test helps doctors to determine the problem and provide you further treatment options.
  • If the test result is a positive and neurological condition diagnosed, then you can terminate your pregnancy without facing complications.

Drawbacks of the Dual Marker Test

The drawbacks of this test are unknown, and there are no risks associated with this test. But, you need to seek help and consultation from your doctor before getting this test. This test is not available in every city, so you may have to visit another country, and it is expensive.

Over to You!

With the help of certain tests, including NT scan and dual marker test, you can keep track of your health. Despite this, in pregnancy, to keep your baby healthy, you need to follow a balanced diet. Even after doing all these things, the test can indicate disorder in the baby. At that time, you need to discuss with your partner whether you want your baby or want to terminate a pregnancy. If you can’t decide, then you can seek help from your doctor.


NT Scan and Double Marker Test

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