Blue Ring Around Eye: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Blue Ring Around Eye Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

With the advancement in technology, many people suffer from various health issues. Eye issue is one of the common health problems that many people experience. Children, adults or old aged people face this problem commonly. The blue ring around a person’s iris is caused by cholesterol deposits in the eye. For further details, keep reading the following sections:

Rare Brown Eyes with Blue Ring

If you find a blue ring around your brown eyes then it may be genetic or it is a Limbus sign.  It is quite rare for people who have dark eyes to have blue limbal rings. The circular areas of pigment over a person’s iris (the colored part of an eye) are the limbal rings. A membrane that covers an eye like a lens is called Cornea and the white part of an eye meeting at the ridges of an eye is called as sclera is known as the “corneal limbus.” This is the border where limbal rings are discovered.

A person having viewable limbal rings cannot see properly. Having a visible and dark limbal ring might be caused by having the least transparent cornea. If this condition affects eyesight, then it can be an alarming aspect. Hence, before getting too late, you should consult an eye doctor. Your doctor will prescribe you medicines and give treatment for the rare brown eyes with blue ring.

At What Age Blue Ring Forms around Iris?

Especially elder people are diagnosed with a blue ring around their eyes. If a person is above 60, then this condition is normal because Corneal Arcus is a part of the aging process. If a person is of age 40 or below 40 and is identified as having a blue ring around his eyes, then he may have heart disease. That person should consult a doctor if corneal arcus symptoms are observed. Researchers estimate that this condition can strike anywhere between 20 and 35 percent Trusted Source of people, becoming increasingly likely as you age. When you reach 80 years, the chances of progression of a corneal arcus are close to 100 percent.

Blue Ring around Brown Eyes of a Baby

Plenty of people take birth with limbal rings and contribute large-eyed and beautiful gaze we often think of young children. A newborn baby or toddler’s eyes may have pretty distinct limbal rings if you look at them.

Corneal Arcus vs. Limbus Sign

Corneal arcus is somehow the same as Limbus Sign, which is another eye condition. Limbus sign is caused by calcium deposits in the cornea whereas Corneal Arcus is a whitish grey arc seen above and below the outer part of the cornea. Limbus sign causes a milky white film to appear over the eyes and may change the way the coloring of an eye appears. It does not appear as rings over the iris.


Blue rings over the irises are a usual condition for old persons. If a person is over the age of 60 and observes such rings starting to take form, Corneal Arcus could be a part of his/her natural process of aging.

If you’re 40 years old or less than 40 and suffer from corneal arcus symptoms, you are at a greater risk of occurring heart disease. It would be better to opt for treatment and take good care of your health. Don’t remain unaware of your health, if you found any symptoms of corneal arcus go for a check up. If a blue ring around brown eyes of a baby is seen, then consultation with a doctor is a must.


It can be treated by eating good diet, exercising instead of taking medicines or eye drops, giving up smoking. It is commonly found in eyes of old people, so they can reduce fried or cholestrol added food to get rid of it. They can eat low saturated or good fats, fresh vegetables and pulses, fibre, and fruits.

Wrap Up

We hope you understood the above information concerning blue ring around eye. The reason behind it is the leakage of lipoproteins having cholesterol from the capillaries over your cornea. The way that your limbal rings look when you are aging is related to your genetics but if it is seen at an early age, and then you need to consult with your doctor. Risks regarding this type of issue should not be neglected and you should immediately consult with a doctor. For further information keep connected to Personal Care n Heal.


Blue Ring around Eye: What is It and Why do You have?


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