Blue Ring around Eye: What is It and Why do You have?

Many times, people ask a question of why they have a blue ring around eye whether it is normal or dangerous. Before answering this question, you must know what exactly it is, what is the reason behind it, and when you need treatment?

As you grow, your appearance and body structure change as this is natural. As your bone structure, hair, and skin color change as you grow, your eyes may change too. It is not strange to have blue circles around eyes. To know more about why blue ring appears around the eye, keep reading this blog:

What does a Blue Ring around Eye Mean?

Having a blue ring around the iris is known as corneal arcus. The ring can also be of different colors like white, grey, or yellowish. When you notice a blue ring surrounding your eye, it may look like corneal arcus rings are around your irises. Corneal arcus rings form because of the cholesterol deposits and blue around eyes is located in your cornea, the outer part of your eye. If you observe a whitish ring around the iris, then it is not a sign of corneal arcus.

If you see a whitish looking film over your whole eye, then it is not a symptom of corneal arcus. A whitish looking film over your eye can be a sign of cataracts, and it should be treated by your eye doctor.

Why do You have Blue Circles around Eyes?

Blue circles around the eye form because of cholesterol deposits in the eye. The deposits are actually of white or yellow color but appear blue. According to a study, this condition can be seen among 20 to 30 percent of people, and it can increase as you grow. Rare brown eyes with blue ring also have the same reason that mentioned above that it is because of cholesterol deposits in the eye.

Who’s at Risk of Having a Blue Ring around Eye?

For older people, having a blue ring around the iris is a common thing. If you are above 60, then this type of condition can be formed as corneal arcus is a natural ageing process’s part. If you are 40 or under the age of 40 and if you notice corneal arcus signs, then you may be at higher risk of having heart disease. If you notice symptoms of corneal arcus, then you must talk to your doctor.

Many times, people search for the reason for ‘blue ring around brown eyes baby.’ Well, it is only due to cholesterol deposits in the eye, and it can be seen in aged people.

How is Blue Ring around Iris Treated?

Corneal arcus is referred to as a benign condition. There is no treatment required for this condition as it is not harmful. As with an eyesight problem, you must talk to your eye doctor for an eye check-up as soon as you notice a change in the way you look at things. A doctor will then recommend medicines or additional procedures to treat brown eyes with blue ring.

Cholesterol deposits around your eyes can be removed surgically. However, make sure to ask your doctor first before opting for any homemade procedure because the homemade procedure can cause more damage to your eyes.

Many times, people ask the question how they can get rid of rare brown eyes with blue ring, well, it is an age-related condition that will not affect vision.

Is It Normal to have a Blue Ring around Iris?

If you are noticing a light blue around eyes, then it is cholesterol deposits. A cholesterol deposit doesn’t harm your eye and its vision. It is a very common condition found in many older people, but if you are younger, then it will be considered high cholesterol.

If you notice a ring anywhere else on the iris other than around the outside margin, then your eyes need to be checked. The ring around the eye can appear white or grey however, it is located within the cornea, which is a transparent outer layer of your eye. If you notice any sign of corneal arcus, you should immediately contact your eye doctor if you are under age 40.

We hope you got the answer to ‘what does a blue ring around your eye mean.’ Corneal arcus can be identified by a physical examination of the eye. The reason behind corneal arcus is by leakage of lipoproteins that include cholesterol from the capillaries around the cornea. The cholesterol deposit is made of bad (LDL) cholesterol. It can cause a whitish, bluish, or light grey ring around your iris. It can be found in females above age 90 and males above age 80. However, if you notice blue circles around eyes and you are under 40, then this is a concerning factor, you should contact your doctor.

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