What Do Cat Fleas Look Like To The Human’s Eye?

Generally, insects are living on earth in a very large number. They can be found anywhere like, in your garden, walls of your room, in parks, buildings or on your pet’s skin and fur. Such insects are known as fleas. They look like tiny brown or dark-coloured having little hair all over their body. It has strong hind legs for jumping. They are stingy biting insects. They are found on cats and dogs. A Cat Flea is known as Siphonaptera. Here in the blog given below, you will know about the cat flea:

What Do Fleas Look Like To The Human’s Eye?

Fleas are small insects without wings. They can use their hind long legs for jumping purposes. These species can reproduce quickly that live on fabrics or carpets which is a special feature of them. They have flat bodies of black or brown colour. It comprises six legs and has strong claws for holding up a host and has mouthparts that bite human skin to suck blood. Their hind legs are stronger and longer in comparison to the front and middle legs which help in jumping over 12 inches by them.

How to Get Rid Of Cat Fleas?

You should be properly aware of cat fleas because they can hurt your pet. To get rid of them, study the precautions given below:

  • Vacuum and spray your home.
  • Clean your pet’s bedding.
  • Comb its fur regularly. A flea comb is recommended better for it.
  • Regular baths.
  • Regular checkups.
  • Start with a good treatment for your pet.
  • You can use natural home remedies also to spray your pet for proper hygiene.

What Do Dog Fleas Look Like To The Human’s Eye?

The dog flea is a flea species that lives as an Ectoparasite on a huge diversity of mammals, mainly the pets like cats and dogs. If you see redness or red bump on the skin of your pet dog, then it is a dog flea that has bitten it. The fleas are of dark black-brown colour. They are 1-2 mm long. They can survive for about 1-2 weeks on the fur of your pet dog. A dog becomes restless and starts itching on its skin and hair when a flea bites it. You should look after your pet regularly and take it to animal doctor for better treatment.

Despite feeding on the blood of cats and dogs, they occasionally bite people. They may go without food for numerous months, but the female ones need to consume blood to give birth to eggs. Approximately 4000 eggs can be delivered on the host’s fur.

What Do Baby Fleas Look Like To The Human’s Eye?

A baby flea is known as a flea larva. They look like as little worms with white coloured skin and pale coloured hair on their bodies. Baby fleas are 2-5 mm in length. They don’t suck blood like the adult flea so they could not be found on your pet. They are eyeless and legless. You can spread salt or pepper on the bedding of your pet. By doing this, fleas are prevented and cannot lay their eggs on the fur of your pet. Cleanliness is an important measure for your pet to get rid from baby fleas or flea eggs.

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like To The Human’s Eye?

Flea eggs are very small in size. It is difficult to locate their eggs. They are about 0.5 mm in length. Under a microscope, they look like tiny white coloured rice grains. After finding an animal or human host and sucking the blood, a female flea lays its eggs in the fur of the host. For killing them, you can mop and steam clean. Washing linens and bedding in the washing machine on the hot cycle is also preferable.


By reading the above blog, you may have gotten the appropriate message about cat fleas. What do cat fleas look like to the human eye and what length are of baby fleas or flea eggs, these all concepts have been described in this blog. For keeping yourself up-to-date with such information, keep following Personal Care n Heal blog.


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