Brazil Records 3000+ Covid Deaths in 24 Hours for First Time

On Tuesday, for the first time in Brazil, it has recorded approximately 3000 deaths in 24 hours due to covid-19. With the spike in death cases because of covid-19, various hospitals are completely full with covid-19 affected cases. In the past 24 hours, the health ministry has recorded 3,251 deaths, and this record brings Brazil’s overall death toll to approximately 299,000, which is at second only to the US.

President Jair Bolsonaro has installed his 4th health minister of the crisis and facing this situation and pressure to alter the tack after minimizing the virus. Pazuello is facing investigation because of failure in ensuring oxygen supply to the northern city of Manaus, where there were covid-19 affected cases were at high peak, and hospitals ran out because of many deaths.

Bolsonaro’s two health ministers, Nelson Teich and Luiz Henrique, both dropped out with the Bolsonaro over his opposition expert advice on containing the covid-19.

Are there chances to get back to normal life?

Bolsonaro said on Tuesday that Brazil would restart a normal life because of the vaccination campaign, which he had criticized earlier.

Bolsonaro said, “I want to reassure the Brazilian people and inform them that the vaccines are guaranteed. By the end of the year, we will have more than 500 million doses of vaccine to vaccinate the whole population.”

Currently, approximately 11.1 million Brazilians have taken at least one dose of vaccine, and both doses have taken by 3.5 million, as per the AFP tally.

In 2022, Bolsonaro is ready for re-election, and he has also gone from rejecting the covid-19 crisis to expressing solidarity with those who have lost their beloved one.

Hospitals are Running Out

The average of Brazil’s daily covid-19 death toll has crossed 3000 since the start of the year to 2,364. According to the experts, this explosion is due to a local variant of the virus. During this, hospitals are overflowing, and people are continuously getting affected by covid-19.

Now in the new warning sign, the prosecutor general’s said on Tuesday, the health ministry had told that the supply of oxygen was at worrying levels in Brazil six of 27 states.

The White Martins Company, which is one of Brazil’s main oxygen suppliers, said that it is quite difficult because of increased demand of up to 300% in some areas, the prosecutor said.

Sao Paulo, which is the most crowded state and industrial hub, said Monday that it will install an emergency oxygen plant within 10 days. Plus, it would partnership with brewing company Ambev to provide overflowed hospitals. The state has been hit hard by another wave of covid-19.

Globo TV alleged last week that around 135 people died in Sao Paulo with suspected or confirmed covid-19 affected cases. More than 400 people are waiting for their turn in line for ICU beds, in the capital Brasilia. Video shows bodies stacked in the hospitals waiting for transfer to the overflowing mortuaries.

There are 6 states where oxygen supply is the most critical is Mato Grosso in the center-west, Acre and Rondonia in the northwest, Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte in the northeast, and Amapa in the north, the prosecutor said.

Covid-19 affected cases are reached 12.1 million in Brazil that is also the second-highest worldwide after the US.

Carissa Etienne, the director of the Pan American Health Organization said that the virus is continuously spreading across Brazil and requesting all Brazilians to follow preventive measures. She added, “Unfortunately, the dire situation in Brazil is also affecting neighboring countries” saying that cases are increasing day by day in border regions of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Peru.

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