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New Covid-19 Cases in Punjab in Last 24 Hours Cross 1,000 Mark

Covid 19 cases in Punjab till now are growing rapidly and the main reason behind this is because people are not following instructions given by the government. Hence, corona cases are increasing day by day in almost every region and state. When it comes to Covid 19 cases in Punjab in last 24 hours, you may have seen various regions in Punjab are getting affected by COVID-19. Various people are suffering from corona, and some of them died due to COVID-19.

The top five states that continue to lead the Covid-19 surge in the country and those five states are Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Various cities will have night curfew, and those cities are Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, SBS Nagar, and Kapurthala from Saturday to combat Coronavirus.

If we talk about total covid 19 cases in Punjab today update, then the number that comes is 1, 88,391 and new cases per day are 1,043, and deaths are approximately 5,927.

When it comes to Jalandhar, on Friday, the cases were 134. SBS alleged the maximum of 157 cases, in Jalandhar (131), Ludhiana (108), Kapurthala (117), and Amritsar (102). The number of covid-19 cases varies day by day.

Punjab Chief Secretary Conducts Covid-19 Review Meeting

Vini Mahajan who is a Punjab Chief Secretary chaired a meeting this morning of the state health response and procurement committee of the department of health, school education, and medical education because of a surge in new cases in the state in recent weeks.

According to Vini Mahajan, the government is keeping track of each activity and decision on minimizing or closing restaurants, malls, and cinemas. It all will depend on the Covid-19 cases whether they increase or not.

During the meeting, she conducted a deep analysis and discussed with experts that what steps can be taken to manage the covid-19 infection. Despite this, Dr. Mandeep Bhandari, Joint Secretary Government of India had visited Punjab recently along with Dr. Lakshmi from PGIMER, they shared observations related to the surge in Covid 19 cases in Punjab.

According to them, the cases are rising high because people are not following the safety precautions to protect themselves from Covid-19.

DK Tiwari, the Principal Secretary of Medical Education said students of Medical Colleges are getting tested every 15 days, and they haven’t got any positive cases yet.  Vini Mahajan directed the health and medical education departments to make their treatment facilities robust enough to manage the second wave and fill empty posts on priority.

Because of Increased Covid 19 cases in Punjab and other states, India has started a vaccination drive on March 1, and 7504 beneficiaries were vaccinated on Saturday in Punjab.

India’s Top Three States at High Risk of Covid-19

Karnataka, Punjab, and Kerala are the top three states in India that are at high risk of Covid-19. In these states, the number of covid-19 cases cross is more than 1,000. People get infected by this virus sharply in Punjab and Maharashtra while in Kerala it has moderate raised.

Covid 19 Cases in Ludhiana

In Ludhiana, there are total cases 27, 832 and among them, active cases are 731 and recovered cases are 26,065, and fatal cases are approximately 1,036. In September, Ludhiana was at a peak and at that cases were decreasing, but again in February, cases increased.

Covid 19 Cases in Jalandhar

For nearly four weeks, Punjab is getting affected by the Covid-19. And Jalandhar alleged 242 cases on Thursday, on Friday 134 cases, and 154 on Saturday. This is the reason why especially Jalandhar has to take action on it. And that’s why the night curfew was announced.

Night curfew in Jalandhar will be held from 11 pm to 5 am. The deputy commissioner of Jalandhar, Ghanshyam Thori said that it will be an effective method from Saturday till further directions.

Night curfew will not affect those factories that run 24 hours and medical emergency cases. But these orders are not applicable for people who are returning after traveling in trains, flights, or buses. The chief secretary requested in Tweet to people to get vaccinated so they can get themselves protected from Coronavirus. Last month, the Punjab government allowed Deputy Commissioner to impose the night curfew in a place where the corona is spreading rapidly. After Ludhiana, Jalandhar is in the second position that has a number of corona positive cases.

Covid 19 Cases in Mohali (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar)

Total covid 19 cases in Mohali (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar) are 20, 864. Among those cases, active cases are 996, recovered cases are 19,478, and fatal cases are 390. These cities need high safety precautions to combat Coronavirus.

Covid 19 Cases in Patiala

The total number of cases in Patiala is 17,700, active cases are 699, fatal cases are 524, and recovered cases are 16,477. Today on 8th March, 84 new corona positive cases are found. The Coronavirus is spreading day by day again in every region.

Covid 19 Cases in Amritsar

In Amritsar, the total number of cases is 16,160, and active cases are 573, fatal cases are 602, and recovered cases are approximately 14,985. As compared to Jalandhar and Ludhiana, Amritsar has fewer corona cases.

Covid 19 Cases in Bathinda

In this area, the sum of covid-19 cases is 9,885, and among them, active cases are 185, fatal cases are 231, and recovered cases are 9469. People have to follow safety precautions to stop the Coronavirus, otherwise, this figure will increase day by day.

Covid 19 Cases in Hoshiarpur

And, Hoshiarpur has 9,300 total numbers of cases, and active cases are 524, fatal cases are 380, and recovered cases are 8,396. This is the reason why the government conducts vaccination drive to stop corona positive cases.

Covid 19 Cases in Gurdaspur

Gurdaspur alleged a total of 8,696 cases. It has been reported that among total cases, there are 278 active cases, 8,129 recovered cases, and 289 fatal cases. To stop the rate of corona positive cases, people need to cover their faces and must sanitize their hands properly. Despite this, get covid 19 vaccines.

Covid 19 Cases in Other Cities

If we talk about other cities like Kapurthala, Pathankot, Faridkot, Moga, Mansa, Barnala, and Fatehgarh Sahib, then you can see that they have a fewer number of corona cases as compared to the above cities.

In a nutsell, get the dose of Covid-19 vaccine to get rid of Coronavirus and protect yourself and others as well.

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