Dr Priya, Malayalam TV Actress Dies of Heart Attack

One shocking news is coming from the Malayalam TV industry where it has been reported that Malayalam TV actress Dr Priya passed away due to cardiac arrest and she was 8 months pregnant. According to the reports, her child is in the ICU. Actor Kishore Satya recently shared this news on his social media channel.

Malayalam TV Actress Dr Priya Dies at 34 Due to Heart Attack

On 31st October, Malayalam TV actress Dr Priya died at the age of 34. She reportedly suffered a heart attack. Another shocking thing is that she was 8 months pregnant. On his social media channel, actor Kishor Satya revealed the shocking news to her fans. ”Another unexpected death in the Malayalam television industry. Dr Priya died after a heart attack yesterday. She was 8 months pregnant at the time. The child is in intensive care. ”There were no additional medical problems,” he wrote.

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