Erik Jensen, ‘The Walking Dead’ Actor has Stage 4 Colon Cancer

The Walking Dead’ actor Erik Jensen was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer last week, according to his family. Through a GoFundMe post, his family shared this sad news. It says that after surviving a brain aneurysm a year and a half ago, Erik Jensen has stage 4 colorectal cancer. His liver has been metastasized by the cancer, but Erik is strong and young and his healthcare providers think that they can shrink the tumour with a shot and with two surgeries, they can get them all out. However, Erik and his family are not in a good financial condition and they need your support. Because of the double Hollywood strikes and Erik’s prior aneurysm, his family is hoping to raise $300,000 to make it happen next year and pay for the treatment to fight cancer.

Community Support for Erik Jensen

To support Erik Jensen, members from ‘The Walking Dead’ contribute to save the life of Erik. The series’ main actor Scott Gimple spreads awareness regarding the fundraiser, requesting fans to support Erik financially.

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