Step-by-Step Guide to Use Rice Water for Hair Growth at Home

Every woman wants to have beautiful, shiny, and long hair. But now the question arises, how you can get long and shiny hair at home? Well, today’s blog will cover a home remedy for hair growth. Yes, you have heard it right. You can use rice water for your hair growth. Many people in Japan and China apply rice water on their hair to allow it to grow and prevent it from turning grey.

How to Make Rice Water for Your Hair?

There are various ways to make rice water at home:

  • Soaking

    • take half cup of uncooked rice

    • rinse well

    • take a bowl and add rice to 2-3 cups of water

    • soak them for 30 minutes or overnight

    • strain the rice water into another bowl. Now, you can use this rice water for hair care.

  • Boiling

    • rinse half cup of uncooked rice

    • take 2 cups of water and boil it

    • add rice to boiling water

    • now, let the water cool and strain it

    • pour rice water into a spray bottle.

  • Fermented Rice Water for Your Hair Growth

Some people say that fermented rice water has more benefits as compared to plain rice water. To make fermented rice water, follow the steps of soaking but before straining, leave the rice water at room temperature for up to 2 days, letting it to ferment. After two days, strain the rice water into a clean bowl. You can use this rice water for hair fall.

How to Use Rice Water for Hair?

You can replace commercial conditioners with rice water. You can follow the steps given below to use rice water:

  • wash your hair with shampoo

  • rinse properly

  • apply rice water to your hair

  • massage the rice water

  • leave on your hair for up to 20 minutes

  • rinse hair thoroughly

What does Rice Water do for Your Hair?

You can use rice water for hairline growth as it has minerals and vitamins that provide nourishment to your hair and scalp and encourage hair growth. There are several hair benefits if you use rice water:

  • makes your hair shiny

  • Helps in hair growth

  • Detangles the hair

  • makes your hair strong

According to research, it can’t be fully said that rice water can 100% cure hair and help you with hair growth. It has been said that the protein present in rice water is too large to penetrate the strands and it coats the strands. However, many women tried rice water and you can see rice water for hair before and after pictures online.

According to several women who tried rice water for hair has several benefits. It helps stimulate hair growth, remove dandruff, give vitality, and improve the appearance of hair. Rice water for hair straightening is the best choice. Rice water possesses antioxidant properties that prevent premature grey hair.

Women also notice that hair rice water benefits hair by increasing hair shine, more volume, easier detangling of the strands, and smoothness. The best part about rice water is that it is a budget-friendly hair solution.

Can You Spray Rice Water Everyday on Your Hair?

If rice water has so many benefits, then is it OK to apply it to your hair every day? Although rice water is great for hair and you can replace conditioner with rice water, you should use it once a week.

Can You Leave Hair Rice Water Overnight?

Yes, you can use it as an overnight hair mask. However, make sure to use it only for 18 hours because after that there are chances of the development of bacteria that can result in flaking of the scalp and itching on the scalp.

Who Should Not Use Rice Water?

Rice water consists of enough protein. For most people, it won’t cause any problem. However, if you have low-porosity hair, then you should not use this hair care solution. This is because they will attach to your hair instead of absorbing enough protein.


Now, you know what benefits you can get after applying rice water to your hair. Additionally, you also know who should avoid using it. Moreover, continue getting such information by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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