Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea takes its name from the smart green color of the unprocessed, unfermented tea leaves. Green tea is widely drunk and cultivated in the Far East, where health is well regarded, with roots dating back up to 5000 years. Green tea is so healthy for you that even some experts are enthusiastic about it. Blood flow and less cholesterol have proved to be healthier for green tea.

In people with diabetes, green tea appears to help control blood sugar. Ocher claims catechism will help to protect them from harm due to lower cholesterol and blood pressure from the fat diet.

Various green tea styles

The disparity in the production process between green and black tea is a consequence. Black tea is fermented to convert its color and flavor, whereas unprocessed green tea preserves its color. Green tea is cultivated at higher altitudes, particularly in East Asian mountainous areas. Some green tea is still selected by hand, and hand-picked teas are thought to be less bitter and have a sweeter, stronger flavor. Green tea, also combined with other flavors such as lemon or lime or ginger, is available in fresh leaves or tea bags.

When bought and opened, keeping the leaves in an airtight jar that can be settled back and stored in a cool position to help slow down reactions that minimize the content and flavor of the tea.

Sum of caffeine in green tea?

Green tea has caffeine, but it can vary in varieties and brands. The same quantities of green tea contain less caffeine than coffee, which is around 35-80 mg for a cup of green tea in the same size as about 100-400 mg coffee but still can serve as a stimulant.  Some people find drinking green tea to boost energy, concentration, and mood.

How Optimal is Green Tea in several ways

Green tea can help reduce the risk of multiple conditions. But the correct amount to drink depends on the conditions. Green tea also controls our body weight, Strong Immune system, and Stay Fit.

Cancer of the mouth

In a large observational trial, women who drank three to four Green Tea tables a day were most unlikely to develop oral cancer.

Cancer of the breast

Two observational studies found a decline in breast cancer recurrences among women drinking more than 3 cups of grass tea per day.


A retrospect study indicates a 33 % lower risk of contracting type 2 disease for those who used 6 or more cups of Green Tea daily than for those who drink less than one cup a week.

The problem of heart

Nine studies have found one person who used 1-3 green tea tables to be less vulnerable than those who drank less than 1 cup daily to heart attack and stroke.

Simple ways to add green tea to your diet

You can use green tea in your balanced diet apart from sipping high-quality green tea as well as prepare it. Only use the broth, sauce, pickle, pickets or cakes, and more with green tea, matcha, or green tea extract. More often than not, the savor of green tea may get used to it, so we advise you to put in your tea a piece of lemon or a drop of honey before you get used to it.

How much green tea should a day

Studies about how much green tea you drink a day in order to make the greatest profit were not definitive. It depends on the person and his own health. Various quantities of green tea will help you in a variety of ways every day.

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