How to Lose Weight at Home Without Exercise?

Starting a weight loss journey can be a daunting task for those who don’t like to exercise or due to some reasons they are not able to exercise. For those people, we are here to present you with some natural methods to shed some extra pounds without hitting the gym. While it can’t be overlooked that physical activities have more benefits but luckily, there are many ways to reduce weight without lifting dumbbells or running on the treadmill.

Tips for Weight Loss at Home without Exercise

Regardless of the reason you have for reducing weight, implementing a few changes in your life can help you with weight loss. Here are 10 natural ways to lose weight at home without exercise:

  • Pay attention to portion of food you eat

One of the first changes that you need to make is to look at your bowl and plate portion when you eat something. Make sure that bowls and plates are of smaller sizes. When you have smaller bowls, then obviously you’ll eat less, and when you consume less amount of calories and burn more calories, then it will help reduce weight.

  • Don’t consume fast food

We all love eating junk food but when you look for easy weight loss tips at home without exercise, then it is recommended to avoid eating junk food. Another method to avoid junk food is by placing fast food somewhere so you can’t have access to these fast foods.

  • Chew your food properly

How to reduce weight at home with no exercise? Take enough time to chew your food, as a result, you’ll not only enjoy the flavours of food but you will feel fuller. When you take enough time to chew your food, it helps break down the food and makes it easy for you to digest it.

  • Hydrate yourself

One of the methods of weight loss at home for females and males is by hydrating with plenty of water. Sometimes it happens when you are actually thirsty, and you think that you are hungry. However, you need to have a glass of water in that case rather than eating something. You should replace all your sugary beverages with water and it will help you reduce the calories that you intake.

  • Intake more protein

You should consume enough protein that can make you feel full faster and it is an effective method for quick weight loss at home remedies. You can include these protein-rich foods in your diet: sprouts, paneer, lentils, eggs, lean chicken, curd, almonds, soy, kidney beans, and so on.

  • Eat fibre-rich food items

Fibre is an extremely good source to reduce fat. When you eat fibre-rich food, it can make you feel full faster. These foods are good sources of fibre: carrots, guava, apples, banana, pears, almonds, coconut, sweet potatoes, green peas, papaya, cabbage, chia seeds, and so on.

  • Take enough ZZZ’s time

Your body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night to keep your metabolism working, which helps in losing weight and good sleep comes under natural weight loss tips. When you don’t get enough sleep, it can interfere with the leptin and ghrelin hormones production. When these hormones fluctuate, then you may feel a craving for unhealthy foods or may notice an increase in your appetite.

  • Don’t consume sugary beverages

Most of the instant drinks that you buy are loaded with sugar or carbohydrates. When you have one serving of sugary beverage in the day, it could lead to weight gain. For weight loss home remedies, it is suggested to give up on sugary drinks.

  • Only have home-cooked food

Instead of ordering food from outside, it is suggested to eat home-cooked food. If you are bored eating the same food again and again, then you can try new healthy recipes. It is one of the best methods for weight loss at home.

  • Manage stress level

When you take stress, your body releases cortisol hormones that can disrupt your appetite and can interfere with your weight loss journey. To reduce stress levels, you can meditate for 10-15 minutes. And, after some time, you can increase the time for practising it.

How to Lose Weight at Home with Exercise?

You can do the following exercises to reduce extra pounds and get into shape:

  • Aerobic exercises

  • Skipping rope

  • Planks

  • Push-ups and pull-ups

  • Squats

  • Lunges

  • Yoga

If you want to know how to lose weight fast at home, then you can do all of the above-mentioned exercises at home.


Whether you are looking for tips for weight loss at home in 7 days or a month, make sure to follow the strict diet plan and exercise daily to see results. If you can’t exercise, you can opt for the above-mentioned tips to reduce weight without exercise. Moreover, get updates on health and fitness by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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