How to relieve pain on top of foot when walking?

Research said physical activity prevents us from diseases, improves health conditions, and also relieves depression but what if you faced an issue doing any sort of daily physical activities? You are not alone! The health issue is quite common among all age groups.

We are concerned about a very common problem everyone is facing today “Foot Pain”. Foot pain refers to any discomfort we feel in any part of the foot

  • Ankle
  • Toes
  • Soles
  • Arches

If you & someone you know are also facing nerve pain on the top of foot then read this blog.

As we will share some tips which you can use to relieve burning pain on top of your foot.

Foot Pain is the most awful experience people feels. As the foot is the most complex body part of the human body. The human foot is connected by many joints, ligaments, and muscles as it is a combination of 26 bones.

Pain on top of Foot

Sometimes we feel pain while walking, standing, Sleeping, or even while sitting but the question is why our foot has nerve pain on the top of foot?
As our body weight is carried by foot and foot is a combination of muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons too. So it is not that much surprising but the main problem occurs when pain is unbearable and consistent.

Foot Pain Reason: You might be wondering or finding reasons for pain on the top of foot near ankle. Main reasons for foot pain are:

  • Changing lifestyle
  • High heels
  • Breakage of bone
  • Overstretch muscles
  • Tight Shoes/wrong footwear
  • Fracture
  • Diabetics
  • Chronic
  • Arthritis
  • Tarsal Coalition
  • Extensor Tendinitis

Symptoms: Have you ever experienced some burning pain on top of foot. As our body passes some sensation, it is passing signs by the body parts to us. Even pain on top of foot feels like a bruise. Here are some common signals you might be experienced.

  • Feel Cramps while rotating your feet.
  • Foot Pain in doing any activity like walking, running or even standing.
  • Imbalance while standing
  • Feel a Burning sensation near the feet area.
  • Twitching
  • Swelling in foot
  • Difficulty in joint movement activities

How to relieve pain on top of foot when walking?

Every problem has its solution. When you have irregular pain then try to opt some home remedies. Try these recommendations may help faster relieve pain on the top of foot when walking.

Foot care home remedies

Foot pain home remedies mean using home methods and ingredients that are easily available at home

  • Luke salty water: First, a very simple remedy which anybody does individually without any help, simply put your feet in salty Luke water. It helps in reducing nerve pain on top of the foot. It helps to reduce swelling in the foot and relieve your foot quickly. It can be used by any age group and have no side effect.
  • Give Massage: Use oil or foot get cream for foot massage. As foot get cream and oil make it easier and nourish the skin.
  • Prefer Shoes over heels: For some time you may need to avoid wearing high heels. As per the research among women, heels are the major reason for foot pain. And sometimes people experienced pain on top of their foot that feels like a bruise.

Prefer wearing comfortable running sports shoes. It helps in preventing pain and is very comfortable. Rather than purchase it online goes and visits from the near shop and try which shoe is more comfortable while walking or day to day activities.

  • Exercise and walking: Exercise and stretching help in improving muscle strength. Walking regularly actually helps in keeping your feet healthy but don’t overwalk when you feel intermittent sharp pain on top of your foot.
  • Ice Pack: Use an ice pack for quick relief from pain on top of the foot near the ankle. Try an ice pack near the affected area or where the pain is more and do this activity for 10-15 Minutes.

Medical Treatment: Sometimes pain is more awful and home remedies don’t show any significant result and you feel intermittent sharp pain on top of your foot. In such cases visit your near hospital and consult with the podiatrist (one who is a specialist in the knee, ankle problems).Some Medical treatments such as:

  • Pain killer: With the consultation of your doctor, you can take some medicines or pain killers. This helps us lower the pain at a lesser time.

You may apply pain relieving gel or cream which is easily available at the market and also reduce burning pain on top of the foot.

  • X-Ray: X-Ray is considered for diagnosis to check if there is no muscle pull or bone fracture in the foot or near the ankle. if is no fracture or just muscle pull then doctors mostly prefer some support devices such as:

Use pain reduces products: Some Pain relieving products are easily available on the market. Such as:

  • Compression socks: You can use compression socks. In Compression socks, extra cushions for the toe and ankle are designed a such way for maximizing comfortable. Such socks help in reducing the pain on top of the foot near the ankle.
  • Massage roller: Spend a daily minimum of 30 minutes in a Massage roller as it helps in circulation and reduces pain. This medication is used for many decades and it is a very beneficial and low-cost product.

Briefly: We need to change our habits as changing habits shows & make a big difference to our health. For instance, prefer wearing shoes when you walk and also massage your feet daily as your feet carry all body weight. You can adapt small-small things for day-to-day activities.

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