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To be healthy is the greatest blessing of GOD. We pray to the Almighty to give us good health because when one suffers from some pain/disease he/she feels restless till he or she gets relief. One is prepared to spend any amount of money to seek consultation from any doctor/vaid or even seek advice from astrologer or tantric for getting relief. It is well said that the golden bed cannot ensure good sleep. One can earn wealth at the cost of health but cannot get back health by spending wealth one has earned. When one is not keeping good health for him or her life is a burden, and at times prays to GOD for death if relief is not in sight. We all know doctors/vaid can only treat the patients but cannot ensure cure. It is only God who can cure. That is why we pray of God for good health, but God helps only those who try their best to remain healthy to be part of the theory of karma. Every individual has to perform his karma to be healthy.

Then what is our karma? Let us learn the part of karma from a child. Someone may ask a question why from a child?

The activities a child performs, he/she grows in size, weight, and health, whereas activities we perform make us decay. Let us learn to live a life like a child so that we can also grow in health or maintain it.

Let us examine what the qualities/uniqueness are in a child which makes him healthy and provides growth?

The uniqueness of a Child

When a child is born he/she carries with him or her a compact disk of sanskars of previous births, over and above he/she is a pure soul (God light) landed on this earth from the soul world after getting purified by the Creator/Master of all souls.He/She is pure, innocent fun-loving, and laughing, playful creative and has got faith and trust in/ himself/herself and the world around him bound and at the same time emotional, depicting natural behavior.

As we grow up

As we grow up the basic nature is disturbed by unnatural actions/ behavior which hurt our soul and creates a disturbance in our body system. For example, if one tells a lie that is against the natural system of the soul, one starts fearing & worrying to cover up the guilt. This creates stress in our bodies.  So, any act of unnatural behavior results in worry, fear or guilt occupies rent-free accommodation in our mind. This creates stress in our mind thus affecting our body systems. More so when anything which does not happen as per our expectation creates stress/disturbance in our body system

be a child

Chain of negative spiral created by unnatural acts manifest stress /deceases

What Happens When Stressed?

Psychology of Stress: (Emotional Impact) – Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Anger,        Sadness.

Physiology Of Stress: Acidity, Ulcer, Heart Ailments, Blood Pressure, Kidney Problems, Diabetes.

  • The human body and mind are highly complex and integrated. Each system affects the other system.

Stress and mind- induced effect on the body is more harmful than external pollution

The uniqueness of a child?

Let us examine one by one the uniqueness of a child being natural and pure i.e. stress-free can help us to remain healthy.

Innocence. Innocence means freedom from sin/guilt or wrongdoing, A child’s mind is a clean slate/blank C.D. We can write anything on it. When this child grows up, his/her mind perceives the acts of sin and wrongdoing. When he/she goes against the soul by performing acts of sin and wrongdoings, it cerate’s tensions and unhappiness around him or her. These tensions trigger diseases and thus make the body unhealthy.

The purity of Soul:-Purity means not mixed with any substance, i.e unadulterated. The child is free from the adulteration of the environment in which we live. Thus his or her behavior/action is soul-centered. He or she is free from tensions that kill an adult.


  1. A child smiles 5-10 times a minute whereas an adult smiles 5-10 smiles a day.A smiling child brings a smile on others’ faces also. A smile creates such chemicals in the body as can fight against the disease. The message is – a smile is a way to be healthy in life.
  2. More so the child is always busy playing with something or the other.He or she does not have time to think negative/pain, over and above forgets hunger pain as he or she is so much engrossed with his or her play. Here the message is- keep yourself busy with some activities so that you forget the pains and problems of life as it is well said that “an idle brain is a devil’s workshop”


You will find that child is always creative and wants to do things differently at different times. But as we advance in age, creativity is reduced. Creativity activates brain cells but when creativity is reduced the brain cells start dying. You might have seen elderly people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Trust, Faith, and Emotions

A child is having trust and faith in his/her abilities and the people around him/her at the same time are full of emotions. If these qualities are adopted by our elders by having thrust on our own strengths and faith in people around us, we make our life tension free. The emotional release also cleans/purifies our mind and soul to be tension free.

This is because of a lack of brain activity. If you want to remain healthy, “keep your creativity on, maybe by solving puzzles or playing creative games.

 Modern-day Diseases

 Disease in the modern world is caused by the mind, not by bacteria and viruses. The thought is the greatest virus”. -Swami Satyananda.

The roots of the disease in the form of suppression of negative emotions like tension, anger, jealousy, hatred. These emotions lie buried in the subconscious and unconscious and keep on simmering like the lava of a volcano. As the process continues for many years, they start affecting the different systems of the body e.g. digestion, respiration, nervous system, endocrine system. This results in the malfunctioning of the body, hence the manifestation of various diseases.

How do you begin to be a child?

Be the same inside and outside:- Make our inner world i.e. our thoughts feeling and attitude in harmony with the outside world.

Follow the following steps


Recognition:-  You must recognize that you have the problem of negativity Accept the need for change

Step- II

Pinpoint:- You have to change something.
  • Identify – what is it?
  • What is the flaw that stops you to be positive?


Start the change –

As real change starts with oneself only


  • Inner beauty with the makeup of outer beauty.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive.

Let our life be as pure as of a child so that we are free of tensions, and worries to remain healthy.

A K GOSWAMI I.O.F.S (Retired)

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