What are Lower Back Dimples and What is Their Meaning?

Many of you may have dimples on lower back, and some will not. Do you know if you have, then what is their meaning and what are causes of them? If you are not aware of this, then you must read this blog. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss important points regarding this concept to help you know everything about what are back dimples, how you can get them and much more. Let’s get started:

What are Lower Back Dimples?

Back dimples are also called dimples of Venus. They look like two indents on your lower back near the glutes. These indents are shaped by the sacrum, and two hip bones joined to either side. ‘Dimples of Venus’ is an informal name, but it is accepted by the medical sector. This name originates from Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty as it is believed that lower back dimples referred to beauty in women. It can be seen that back dimples are found in women.

What are the Dimples on Your Lower Back Called?

In fact, having dimples of Venus is not harmful at all. People name it Dimples of Venus as they believe these dimples can enhance beauty, fertility, and luck. Throughout history, many individuals have already complimented dimples on lower back for their beauty.

What Causes Back Dimples?

It has been said that back dimples are genetic, but there is no evidence for this. Even scientists are not sure about what causes back dimples. Doctors generally use ultrasound to check out whether it is a symptom of a problem.

How to Get Back Dimples?

Do you want back dimples? For this, you need to have a natural tendency or hereditary condition to develop them. If you don’t have this condition, there is no chance of developing back dimples. Since there is no muscle where the dimples of Venus would be located, you can’t develop them even by opting for exercise.

In case, if you have back dimples, and want to make them easy to see, then you can opt for core strength or lumber and other stability exercises. When your skin becomes tight, then it would be less visible. However, there are some exercises you can opt for. These exercises will not only help you show off your dimples, but you can also get rid of muscle strain and back pain. Ensure to warm up before you start the exercise. After performing these types of exercises, you can notice some changes in before and after back dimples.

  • Adductor Stretch

Put your leg on the bench. Lean on your leg and stretch your body to touch your foot with your hand. Now, hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Perform this exercise three times.

  • Supine Hip Twist using a Physioball

Lay down on your back on the floor. Bend your hips and knees at 90 degrees over the exercise ball. Now, move your thighs side to side and try to not roll off the ball. You can do this exercise 10 to 20 times in each session.

  • Glute Stretch

Grab outside of your ankle against the bench, and keep one thing in your mind your leg should be at 90 degrees. Lean forward and maintain the straight position of your back. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds.

Does Everyone have Back Dimples?

Well, dimples of Venus are a genetic feature, and everyone doesn’t have back dimples. Even though there are some exercises that can help appear dimples, it is for those who already have back dimples, but because of fat, they are not visible. However, cosmetic surgery can help you get back dimples by removing lower back fat.

Sacral Dimple vs Back Dimples

Sacral dimples and back dimples have some common things, but there are a few differences. People, who have back dimples, have a dimple on each side of their lower back, whereas people with sacral dimples are likely to have one dimple above the crease of the butt. Both types of dimples are intended to be present at birth.

Why are Back Dimples Considered Attractive?

You may be wondering why back dimples are considered attractive. Well, you have heard it right. Back dimples can draw people’s attention as many celebrities also show their back dimples, such as models like Kendall Jenner.


Overall, back dimples are not harmful. No matter whether someone has back dimples or not, everyone is unique and beautiful. You can check out whether you have back dimples or not by seeing yourself in the mirror. Despite this, keep reading our blogs on Personal Care N Heal to know some interesting facts about health.

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