What is LDL Cholesterol and LDL cholesterol level and Range?

Cholesterol is usually framed as bad but you may be amazed to know, that some cholesterol is good for the human body for regulating body functions properly.

The body uses cholesterol for Vitamin D making hormones and helping indigestion. Cholesterol is like a fatty substance easily found in the cells of our body.

The liver makes cholesterols for body activities but it is also available in some food items like Red meat, dairy products and other junk food which are very high in fat or oil. LDL cholesterol range and LDL cholesterol levels indicate the risk factors.


LDL cholesterol in full form is low-density lipoprotein. It is considered bad cholesterol. There are two kinds of lipoproteins. Lipoprotein is made of proteins and fat in our body. Before knowing about LDL, you must know about high-density lipoprotein & what is the basic difference between LDL cholesterol vs HDL.

Hdl Cholesterol is considered as Good cholesterol because it helps in delivering cholesterol to liver and then release from body. HDL helps and rid of excess body cholesterol to arteries if HDL doesn’t stop excess cholesterol then it block arteries and ends up make blood clots in arteries

Ldl Cholesterol is considered as Bad cholesterol because it takes excess body cholesterol to arteries which make blood clots. These clots make wall in arteries which leads in breathing problem as it deprives oxygen to other organs. Furthermore, which is the major reasons for cancer and heart diseases.


Ldl Cholesterol range helps to understand the risk factor for your heart. As the below shared range depicts the risk factor.

The abbreviation of mg/dl; as per health providers measures cholesterol as milligrams per deciliter of our blood. In every Laboratory they use the same range and units.

Ldl cholesterol levels be like; Optimal, near-optimal, low risk, high risk and very high risk. Ldl cholesterol levels indicate the risk factor is low, high or very high.

Ldl cholesterol range:

LESS THAN 100MG Optimal
100-129 MG/DL Near optimal/above
130-159MG/DL Low risk/borderline High
160-189 MG/DL High
190 MG/DL AND ABOVE Very High


LDL Cholesterol’s normal range is not the same for everyone. It differs based on Age &Gender.

In general, as per Ldl Cholesterol Range, if range varies between less than 99mg/dl, it is considered optimal even though, if it is in-between 100-129mg/dl it is also not so bad and normal range.

In contrast, if the range lies and is above 120mg, at this stage you need to visit the doctor and take some prevention.


Ldl Cholesterol also varies from person to person. In males required Ldl should be less than100 mg and also in females Ldl should be less than 100mg. LDL cholesterol normal range is described below.

Hdl limits vary in males and females. In men required HDL should be more than 40 mg and in women Required HDL should be more than 50 mg.

Less than 19 Age Less than 100 mg More than 45 mg
Men Above 20 Less than 100 mg More than 40mg
Women above 20 Less than 100 mg More than 50 mg


1.   Ldl cholesterol Stands for Low- Density Lipoprotein. Hdl cholesterol stands for high -density lipoprotein.
2.   It is normally considered as Bad Cholesterol. It is considered as Good Cholesterol.
3.   It is not good for health. It is good for health.
4.   It should be low in number, if range or level increase it is dangerous. Hdl level should be high in range or level.
5.   It should be less than 130mg/dl. It should be more than 45(male)-55(female)Mg/dl.
6.   Fried food & high fat items like dairy products and red meat increase the level. Oatmeal, olives, apples and walnut increase hdl level.
7.   It is major cause of heart stroke, cardiovascular diseases It protects from heart attacks and heart diseases.


As we discussed not all cholesterol is bad for health, even our body needs cholesterol for body activities but excess cholesterol from fatty food items may cause heart diseases or cancer. If you also eat a lot of high-fat food or red meat and dairy products, you also need to blood test and check your cholesterol level. Apart from the test, we can also prevent this like by daily doing exercise, eating healthy food and avoiding smoking. Smoking increases the LDL level.


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