Back Pain Upper Left Side: What Does It Mean?

Upper left shoulder pain can develop in your spine or back muscles. Back pain left side above hip can be caused by poor posture or underlying conditions. You may feel sharp pain and it may get worsen with activity. If you are experiencing minor upper back pain, then it can get better on its own. However, if the reason for back pain is due to a chronic condition, then it will get better with treatment.

Why Does My Upper Left Back Hurt?

When you experience back pain upper side, it may cause you to feel uncomfortable. Before opting for any treatment, it is important to know the reasons behind this. The back pain left side above waist can be due to an injury, problem with a body part, or pain disorder. Possible causes may include:

  • Muscle Strain

A muscle strain can be caused when the muscle is stretched too much. If the strain occurs in the upper left side of your back, then you can develop upper pain on one or both sides of your back. It can occur due to:

    • overused your shoulders or arms

    • lifting heavy things repeatedly

  • Herniated Disc

One of the most common back pain upper left side causes is when you use a disk repeatedly that pad the spine and due to strong force, it can tear. If the disc is in the upper or middle spine, you may suffer from upper back pain on one side. Despite this, you may also have:

    • chest pain

    • leg pain

    • upper abdomen pain

    • weakness in the legs

  • Scoliosis

Your spine curves sideways due to the bone disorder known as scoliosis. It typically appears in teenagers following a growth spurt. Levoscoliosis, a type of scoliosis where the spine curves to the left, is less prevalent than scoliosis where the spine curves to the right.

  • Spinal Stenosis

It is caused when bones overgrow, called bone spurs. You may develop bone spurs if you have scoliosis in the back. If the narrowing places put pressure on your spinal cord and nerves, you may experience sharp back pain upper left side.

  • Heart Attack

Many people ask, Is upper left back pain sign of heart attack? When blood flow to the heart is blocked, then heart attacks occur. The symptoms may vary for everyone, but mostly it causes chest pain that spreads to your jaw, upper back or neck. Other symptoms may include:

    • fatigue

    • heartburn

    • abdominal pain

    • nausea

    • dizziness

    • cold sweats

    • breath shortness

    • chest tightness

Other Symptoms of Back Pain Upper Left Side

It is important to pay attention to each symptom of back pain on the upper side because there are many reasons for that type of pain.

  • Pain in the upper back left side under the shoulder blade

Causes may include:

    • poor posture

    • muscle strain

    • heart attack

    • severe kyphosis

    • vertebrae fracture

  • Pain in upper back left side while breathing

Causes may include:

    • severe scoliosis

    • heart attack

    • severe kyphosis

    • muscle strain

    • vertebrae fracture

  • Pain in the upper back left side after eating

Due to pancreatitis, you may experience pain in the upper back left side after eating. It occurs when you eat a greasy and fatty meal.

  • Pain in the upper back left side and left arm

It may be caused due to:

    • heart attack

    • vertebrae fracture

    • myofascial pain

    • spinal stenosis

  • Stabbing pain in the upper back left side

Pain can be caused by:

    • poor posture

    • back muscles stiffness

    • prolonged contraction

Upper Left Side Back Pain Home Remedy

If you have minor back pain, then it can be treated using the following home remedies:

  • Hot and cold packs: You can use cold or hot packs to get rid of back pain.

  • Light physical activities: You can opt for light activities, like stretching and walking, which might help you get rid of minor back pain. If you don’t use muscle for a long time, it can get worsen.


Back pain left side above hip may be a sign of a back or spine condition. It can also be due to an injury or problem with your organ. Home remedies like OTC pain medication can be taken for minor back pain otherwise you need to seek medical help. Moreover, get informative blogs on health by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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