Ocd meaning in Hindi: मनोग्रसित-बाध्यता विकार| Ocd is quite a common disorder nowadays. Children, adults, or even middle age people are suffering from OCD.

According to researchers, nearly 2.3% of the world’s population is affected by ocd.

Is OCD curable? Is OCD genetic? Is OCD mental health illness?

If you are looking for an answer to such questions, then you must read this blog.

OCD: Ocd full form or OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Ocd is a chronic disorder majorly associated with compulsion and obsession.

In simple words, OCD means when a person is doing a repetitive task or has anxiety about unwanted thoughts.

You might be encountered a person who has a habit of doing:

Get contact with contaminated surfaces and as result, they had a habit of continues washing their hands over and over again.

People from different regions search about ocd like

  • Ocd in Tamil: ஒபிஸிவ் கம்ப்ளூசிவ் டிசார்டர்
  • Ocd in Malayam: ഒബ്സസീവ് കോംപ്ലസീവ് ഡിസോർഡർ
  • Ocd meaning in Hindi: मनोग्रसित-बाध्यता विकार|

As disorder is quite common and people are looking for an answer and want to know more about this.

OCD TYPES: There are many traits found in a person who is suffering from OCD but most commonly 4 types can be easily detected among them.

  1. Repetitive Task: A person who is suffering from OCD has a weird habit of doing repetitive work or checking things over and over again.
  • Check Lock: He/she locks the door, he/she has a habit of checking “N” numbers of times whether the door is locked or not. Such traits or such characteristics people are so much concerned about the unwanted result of being careless.
  • Check stove: After turning off the stove, they make sure the burner stove is off.
  • Washing hands: Ocd person has the habit of washing hands over and over again.
  1. Unwanted Thoughts: Ocd Suffering person also has unwanted thoughts in his mind which is beyond reality.
  1. Portrait Imaginary things in Mind: Ocd people have other traits of creating imaginary events or things in their minds. They create events that are beyond imagination such as:
  • All the mishappening happened to me.
  • I might be met with an accident.
  • Fear of losing beloved persons.
  • Fear of losing Keys.
  • Image of someone’s death ( very beloved person) and many more.
  1. Organizing: Organizing is also a trait that is easily visible for everyone. Their compulsive behavior urges them to arrange things like:
  • Things like pens, paper, or clothes should be placed appropriately.
  • Correctly arrange things.
  • Ocd person likes to have clean surroundings.

OCD HOME TEST: While reading this blog, you might feel you are suffering or having this disorder. Don’t worry. Before going or visiting the doctor you can perform this test at home.

“Even if this test is home friendly that means you can do this test at home within 10-15 min. You just need to grab some items and follow the below-shared steps.”

STEP 1: Arrange things in an unsystematic way or take a look to examine if you find urges to arrange things in systematic order like arrange clothes in the wardrobe, arrange systematic pen, paper, and other stuff.

STEP 2: Take a pen and paper and think about someone you love.

Write down all the thoughts coming into your mind for that person. It doesn’t matter good or bad, true or not. Just write it down.

Step3: Try to fill out a questionnaire which is very easily available on the internet.

Just type (HOME TEST QUESTIONNAIRE) were set of questions related to your day-to-day activities they ask then give a conclusion about your activities.

STEP 4: Take a deep breath and put on earphones and close your eyes and relax.

Now thought about the moments or your day-to-day activities as you have a habit of repetitive washing hands, portraying imaginary thoughts even beyond reality, or feeling anxiety feeling thought of these moments.

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Result: “I hope you perform this activity at home if not my personal advice is to firstly perform and then read the further blog” because here is the result!

While Doing STEP 1 if you had a strong urge to arrange things and didn’t stop yourself from doing this, If your answer is “YES”, actually this is the first sign, you might be having Ocd.

Let’s move to STEP 2, while writing, if in your mind thoughts come in regards like having enjoyment and sharing good moments with your loved ones, then it is a good sign for you.

But if you have a fear of losing your family, friend, or even partner and then it is 2 sign you might have Ocd

Let’s Move to STEP3,  If you filled the questionnaire and mostly answers are strongly agreed as per the situation and conclusion show your daily activities result negatively then, this highlights the major sign of Ocd.

Final Step 4, while remembering your past events if your mind only portrays unwanted images or scenes, anxiety, feeling depressed or feel uncomfortable or if you are facing from Ocd.

Ocd(OBESSIVE COMPLUSIVE DISORDER)( ஒபிஸிவ் கம்ப்ளூசிவ் டிசார்டர்)( ഒബ്സസീവ് കോംപ്ലസീവ് ഡിസോർഡർ)( मनोग्रसित-बाध्यता विकार|) is disorder quite common now a days. If you feel you have severe Ocd and it is affecting your daily activities, you should go and visit a doctor or a psychiatrist.

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