Why do Lumps on Back of Neck Form?

Many of you may have already experienced lumps on back of neck under skin like most bumps on your body. However, why do they form? Well, it can be because of several health problems. If you notice lumps on any part of your body, don’t overlook it because it may be a symptom of serious health issues like cancer. You can easily find bumps on your body while dressing or daily bathing. In contrast, many lumps are harmless and can be improved on their own. The blog will share the common causes, symptoms, and possible treatment options.

What does a Bump on Back of Neck Look Like?

A bump on back of head near neck can be soft or hard, non-tender or tender. They can form in or under the skin, as in a sebaceous cyst, lipoma, or cystic acne. A lump may also form from organs and tissues within your neck.

What Causes Lumps on Back of Head Near Neck?

The skin on the back of your neck can come into contact with several things that can irritate it. As a result, bumps, lumps, and other skin conditions may occur. The following are some causes of lumps on back of neck hairline:

  • Sebaceous Cyst

You may have seen a lump under your skin and it can be due to a sebaceous cyst. It is small and may grow in size after some time. These cysts can be hard or soft and can be moveable upon palpation. They can be identified on any body part. These cysts are benign and formed because of blocked sebaceous glands. Sebum starts to pile up under the skin, forming a lump. It can form a lump on back of neck with pain.

  • Boil

A boil is filled with pus that can increase over time. They are related to symptoms like heat, redness, pain around the boil, and sensitivity to touch. Boils can lead to painful lumps on back of neck or any other body part that experiences more friction. They can form because of inflammation at the root of hair follicles.

  • Muscle Knot on Back of Neck Right Side

A muscle knot happens when the muscle contracts in the wrong way and doesn’t get back to its normal relaxing position. It can result in a lump on the neck muscles and other symptoms like discomfort and pain that can move to the arm. When you carry excessively heavy weight on your shoulders, a muscle knot can occur.

  • Lymphoma

Cancer lumps on back of neck can be associated with lymphoma that can affect the lymph nodes. These lumps can continue to grow for over 1-2 months. They can cause other symptoms like night sweats, fever, weight loss for no reason and excessive fatigue.

How to Treat Lump on Back of Neck Cancer?

The treatment for a lump in the back of the neck differs depending on the source and stage of the condition. It may also vary according to your age, symptoms, and other medical issues. To manage symptoms until the underlying problem resolves, a benign lump in the back of the neck may be treated with one of the following methods of therapy:

  • To treat swollen cervical lymph nodes, antibiotics can be taken.

  • Warm compresses.

  • Topical therapies, photodynamic, or laser therapy for nodular acne.

  • Excision to remove lipoma or epidermoid cyst.

  • Liposuction, steroid injections, or surgery to treat a lipoma.

  • Massage therapy, hot and cold therapy, or dry needling to get rid of muscle knots.

When to Seek Help from a Healthcare Professional?

A bump on the back of the neck is not generally a sign of anything significant. The most common cause of a lump on the back of the neck is a swollen lymph node. However, determining whether the problem requires therapy might be challenging. When you notice the following symptoms, then seek help from your doctor:

  • difficulty breathing

  • fatigue

  • weight loss for no reason

  • a lump that grows after some time

  • a lump that doesn’t go away without treatment


If you notice red lumps on back of neck and they don’t go away on their own, then get help from a healthcare provider. Moreover, continue getting such information from our blogs by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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