How to Speed Up Metabolism After Drinking Alcohol?

It is always a good idea to have different foods to boost your metabolism after drinking alcohol. The blog will share different ways to flush out alcohol from your body. These ways can help protect you from toxins such as big doses of pollution, chemical estrogens, and pesticides.

How to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism?

First and foremost, you must understand that alcohol metabolism can be boosted in two ways. First, you can give your body the raw materials required to remove the alcohol from the body. These include amino acids from vitamin B, protein, a lot of water, and various other nutrients. Second, you can give your body antioxidants that will reduce the production of liver toxins and free radicals that lead to oxidative stress. Some of these will be outlined below that will help you know what speeds metabolism up:

  • Eat Probiotic Foods

Probiotic foods such as pickled foods, high-quality yoghurt, and kimchi all have probiotic bacteria that are good for the liver and gut. Probiotic bacteria are good for removing toxins from the body. It has been noticed that the consumption of probiotics can reduce oxidative damage caused by alcohol. Therefore, you can eat probiotic food for metabolism speed up.

  • Drink Green Tea

Green tea is enriched with antioxidants. It protects the liver from damage that can be caused by alcohol. Antioxidants are not only responsible for reducing oxidative stress that affects liver function, but they also help increase the detoxification of alcoholic compounds from the body. The short-term benefit is no hangover and the long-term benefit is less fat gain around the belly. Therefore, when looking for the answer to how to speed up your metabolism after drinking alcohol, you can try green tea.

  • Drink Water and Add Citrus

The loss of water from the bloodstream and cells is a result of the process of metabolizing alcohol. Therefore, it is important to rehydrate yourself and add lemon to your water. Lemon water will provide minerals and bioflavonoids that can enhance the elimination of toxins from your body.

  • Eat Fruits and Green Veggies

What foods help metabolism speed up? Asparagus and other sulfur-rich foods will help liver metabolism to allow you to break down and eliminate dietary fat from the body. Asparagus is helpful in protecting your liver cells after alcohol use. In addition to this, according to researchers, asparagus gives nutrients to improve enzyme function which will help reduce the effects of a hangover. Fruits are also rich in antioxidants, but have low glycemic, so they can increase blood sugar slightly.

How to Speed Up Metabolism to Lose Weight?

The following are some ways to speed up metabolism:

  • Exercise

To keep metabolism and fat-burning rate high, it is important to exercise and engage in high-intensity workouts. You can try running, cycling, and swimming to boost your metabolism.

  • Don’t Skip Meals

Not having meals is not the right way to lose weight. You can maintain your metabolism by eating at regular intervals. Long gaps between meals can slow down the metabolism and increase the ability of the body to store fat.

  • Eat Protein-Rich Foods

The body uses more energy to break down proteins as compared to fats and carbohydrates. It results in high metabolism. According to a study, it has been noticed that consumption of protein-rich foods can result in high metabolism.

  • Nutrition-Rich Food

Your regular diet must be packed with fat-burning foods that can increase your metabolism rate. Fish, eggs, apples, dairy products, red fruits, kiwi, ginger, lentils, etc. Don’t forget to follow a healthy workout routine.

How Long Does It Take Your Metabolism to Boost Up?

There is no specific answer to this question, especially if you don’t have a high metabolic rate genetically. Everyone’s lifestyle, eating habits and other factors are different. These factors play an important role in how metabolic rate may vary over time.


The blog covers different ways to naturally boost your metabolism. If you want to keep your metabolism balanced, then you can try above-mentioned ways. Moreover, keep yourself updated with such informative health-related blogs by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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