World Physical Therapy Day: How It Can Transform Lives?

World Physical Therapy is celebrated on the 8th of September each year since 1996. This day honours all physiotherapists and the services they provide in helping patients and the healthy achieve the ultimate goal of symptom-free movement during simple to difficult physical activities.

Importance of World Physiotherapy Day – World PT Day

Everyone values being able to live their lives as autonomously as possible. Patients and fitness enthusiasts typically seek out physical therapy services for physical impairments linked to movement disorders brought on by illness, injury, or other health issues that prevent them from performing or pursuing a variety of activities that are necessary or important to them.

The multidimensional factors of physical function consist of the diverse yet interconnected areas of performance, such as:

  • Improving balance

  • Cardiopulmonary endurance

  • Development of coordination

  • Improving flexibility

  • Improving mobility

  • Muscle performance

  • Neuromuscular control

  • Postural control

  • Postural stability and

  • Equilibrium

World Physical Therapy Day 2023 Theme

World Physical Therapy Day 2023 theme is ‘arthritis’. Axial spondylarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two types of inflammatory arthritis that will be highlighted on this day. Last year’s theme for World Physical Therapy Day was osteoarthritis.

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