5 Benefits of Swimming: Physical and Mental Health Benefits


Do you how to swim? If your answer is no, then you should learn to swim because you can get various health benefits by swimming. No matter what age you are, your gender or your experience doesn’t matter when it comes to swimming. Swimming is considered a cardio exercise that helps you move every muscle of your body. Swimming is not only good for physical health but it is also good for mental health. Let’s dive right into the blog to know the various advantages of swimming.

What are the Health Benefits of Swimming?

Swimming is the perfect solution for your physical and mental health. Water sport offers more resistance as compared to dryland exercises. It has a cooling effect on your body that leads to various health benefits. Do you know that swimming can help you burn the same amount of calories that you burn by running? The amazing thing about swimming is that it won’t impact your joints and bones. The following are some amazing benefits of swimming:

  • Boosts Energy Level

Swimming is the best method of boosting energy levels. You can invest 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week on swimming. The best thing about swimming is that it can help you tone your muscles, and boost strength and endurance. You can add different strokes to your swimming routine, such as butterfly, sidestroke, backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, etc.

  • Improves Your Physical Strength

As you age, your physical strength also starts reducing. Thus, you must try swimming. No matter what age you are, if you can swim, then don’t quit. Swimming has a positive impact on cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Additionally, it boosts cardiovascular performance, improves cognitive functioning, and enhances the central nervous system. Therefore, to answer your question ‘is swimming good exercise’, we can say that it is the best exercise to improve your physical strength.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Improves Sleep Patterns

Swimming can help you relax and allow you to float away all your worries. It is helpful in reducing anxiety and depression. Moreover, daily physical activities can help improve your sleep. It has been believed that swimming is the best method for regulating sleep patterns. Around 50% of older people suffer from insomnia problems and swimming can help them by improving their sleep.

  • Whole Body Workout

Do you know what does swimming is for your body? When you swim, you engage every part of your body that tones your muscles and makes you more agile. Swimming helps increase heart rate without putting stress on your body, manage weight, improve fitness, and build endurance.

  • Burns Calories

If you want to shed some extra pounds, then swimming would be considered the best exercise. Swimming can burn more calories as compared to jogging. You can burn up to 715 calories with one hour of lap swimming. If you run at 5mph, then you can burn only 606 calories.
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Is Swimming Good Cardio Exercise?

It has been observed that swimming is the best cardiovascular exercise. Cardio exercise involves the lungs, heart, and circulatory system. Any type of aerobic activity, such as biking, swimming, and running can enhance your cardiovascular fitness. When you keep cardiovascular fitness in check, then you can enhance your overall well-being for a lifetime.

Swimming Safety Tips to Follow

Swimming is a great water sport, and you can have fun while swimming with your friends and family. However, swimming carelessly is a common cause of fatality. You need to follow a few swimming tips to prevent yourself from injuries and other accidents:

  • Before you start swimming, it is important to enrol yourself on trial classes. Sometimes, people experience allergies because of chlorine, so it is better to check before you swim.
  • Before you enter the pool, ensure to apply sunscreen. Your skin can be tanned because of prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • If you have not got training from a professional, it is highly advisable to get guidance from professional trainers.


If you are thinking of enrolling yourself in swimming classes, then don’t be late. If you are feeling lazy, then the above-mentioned health benefits of swimming will definitely motivate you. If you want to opt for a fitness routine, then it is advisable to choose swimming as an exercise. For more updates on health and fitness-related blogs, subscribe to Personal Care N Heal.

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