Actress Ileana D’Cruz names her Son Koa Phoenix Dolan

Actress Ileana D’Cruz welcomes a baby boy on 1 August 2023. She names her son Koa Phoenix Dolan. She shared a cute picture of her son and also revealed his name. You can see in the black-and-white picture of her son that he is sleeping peacefully. In the caption, she explained her feelings about how happy they are after receiving a beautiful gift from God. Ileana’s friends started filling the comment section with blessings for her son.

The actress announced her pregnancy news three months ago by sharing a picture of the baby’s clothes. Further, she added, coming soon and can’t wait to meet a little one. She documented her pregnancy journey on social media and she appreciated her partner. She said she didn’t think she’d be lucky enough to experience this, so she considers herself lucky to be on her pregnancy journey. Further, she added that she can’t even describe the feeling of growing another life inside her womb. She shared her pregnancy experience by writing that some days, she was overwhelmed and looked at her bump and felt excited to meet her baby soon.

What Ileana Wrote About Her Partner?

She wrote about her partner that she forgot to be kind to herself during pregnancy but her partner stood by her side. She said that he held her when she started getting weak and wiped her tears. He used to crack jokes to make her feel good. Or just gave her a warm hug when he knows what she needs in that moment. Recently, she shared a photo of her mystery man, but she didn’t reveal his identity. She shared a picture of her mystery man along with a heart emoji.

How to Check Pregnancy at Home?

Becoming a mother is one of the best experiences in life for a woman. When you look for different home pregnancy tests, you will come across various pregnancy test kits. The following are pregnancy test at home remedies that will be useful when you want to check your pregnancy status:

  • Salt Pregnancy Test

For this test, you need a pinch of salt and urine. Take urine in a glass and mix salt to it, if the mixture turns into creamy white clumps, then you are pregnant. On the other hand, if nothing happens, then you are not pregnant.

  • Sugar Pregnancy Test

To perform this test, you need to take sugar in a bowl and pour urine over it. hCG doesn’t dissolve sugar. If you notice sugar creating lumps in the urine, you are pregnant. In case, urine dissolves sugar, you are not pregnant.

  • Dandelion Leaves Pregnancy Test

If you find yourself asking ‘How can I check my pregnancy naturally at home?’ then you can do a dandelion leaves pregnancy test. For this, on the sheet, place a few dandelion leaves while avoiding placing them under sunlight. Pour urine sample on leaves and wait for 10 minutes. If you notice the bubble formation or leaves turning reddish-brown, you are pregnant.

  • Store Urine Pregnancy Test

You can store your urine in a glass jar for 24 hours. If you observe a thin layer on the surface, then you are pregnant.

  • Wine Pregnancy Test

Take an equal amount of wine and urine in a cup and wait if it changes its colour. If it changes its colour, you are pregnant.

How can I check if I’m pregnant without a pregnancy test?

Here are some signs you can observe to see if you are pregnant:

  • Missed periods

  • Slight bleeding or spotting

  • Cramping

  • Sore breasts

  • Vomiting

  • Fatigue

  • Mood swings

  • Changes in appetite

  • frequent urination

  • Basal body temperature


The blog shares that actress Ileana was blessed with a baby boy and she names him Koa Phoenix Dolan. Apart from this, it also shares how you can check if you are pregnant without a test at home. Moreover, you can get such informative blogs on our website by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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