Benefits of Ash Gourd in Hindi and Its Different Recipes


Many of you may have already heard about a plant named Ash gourd. Do you know it carries several health benefits? In today’s blog, you will come to know different facts about ash gourd, ash gourd in Hindi name, nutritional value as well as different recipes that you can try at home. People consume it because of its nutritional and medicinal properties. Generally, it grows in a humid and warm climate and is grown in countries of South East Asia, including Japan, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Read this blog to know interesting facts about ash gourd.

What is Ash Gourd in Hindi Called?

Ash gourd is known as Petha (पेठा) in Hindi. It is known by different names in different languages, such as boodida gummadi in Telugu, Kumbalam in Malayalam, and Neer Pooshnikkai in Tamil. Despite this, it is also known as winter melon, wax gourd, Chinese watermelon, and white gourd. When the ash gourd is immature, it has thick white flesh and looks fuzzy. It is enriched with nutrients and has been known for its medicinal properties since ancient times. It is one of the most popular local cuisines across India, and it is used to reduce illness of the stomach, skin and liver.

Nutritional Value of Ash Gourd

The ash gourd vegetables, juice extracts, leaves, and seeds are enriched with crucial dietary components like fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fibres. 100g serving ash gourd contains the following nutritional value:

  • Calories: 86.2 kcal
  • Total fat: 3.9g
  • Protein: 2.0g
  • Cholesterol: 0.0 mg
  • Sodium: 33.0 mg
  • Total carbohydrate: 12.5 g

Health Benefits of Ash Gourd in Hindi

According to some studies, it has been stated that all parts of the vegetable seem to have health benefits. Take a look at the following section to know the amazing health benefits of consuming ash gourd:

  • Good for Digestive System (पाचन तंत्र के लिए अच्छा है)

As you might know that ash gourd is mostly made of water, so it can get digested with ease. The high content of fibre may slow down the process of digestion, but it doesn’t make it difficult to digest. Fibre-rich foods are best known for relieving constipation problems.

  • Enhances Lung Health ( फेफड़ों के स्वास्थ्य को बढ़ाता है)

The formation of phlegm in the lungs and nose can be loosened with the help of an ash gourd. This is because of an expectorant property of the fruit. It prevents excess mucus secretion and improves breathing.

  • Treats Ulcers Naturally (स्वाभाविक रूप से अल्सर का इलाज करता है)

It is believed that it can cure peptic ulcers. They have anti-microbial properties. It can help in removing harmful bacteria and germs in the intestine and stomach.

  • Offers a Cooling Effect (ठंडक प्रदान करता है)

It has been said that it is similar to cucumber as it gives a cooling effect when you consume it. Thus, it would be beneficial if you consume it in the summer.

Ash Gourd Indian Recipes

You can make a recipe for ash gourd at home. We have given recipes to make ash gourd, try them once:

Recipe 1: Ash Gourd Raita

  • Wash the ash gourd properly. Remove all the seeds from it. Peel off the skin and slice the soft part of the ash gourd.
  • Take a pan and add 2 teaspoons of oil. Add mustard seeds into the oil and let them crackle.
  • Add green or red chillies, asafetida, and curry leaves, and sauté them.
  • Whisk the curd in a bowl. Add raw ash gourd and the tempering you’ve prepared with some salt according to your taste. (Note: you can also cook ash gourd for 2-3 minutes before adding it to the curd.)
  • Now, you can serve the ash gourd Raita.

Recipe 2: Ash Gourd Juice

  • Take 350gm ash gourd and wash it properly. Peel off its skin and remove its seeds.
  • Cut into small pieces and add those pieces into the blender.
  • In a blender, add lemon and mint along with ash gourd.
  • Also, add some water.
  • Filter the juice, pour it into the glass and add black salt. Your detox drink is ready to serve.

Side Effects of Ash Gourd

  • It has anti-nutritional factors that can lower the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
  • If you consume it for a long time, then it can cause phlegm.
  • It might not be good for asthma patients.

Ash gourd is high in fibre and low in calories. Now, you are aware of the possible benefits and side effects of consuming ash gourd. Apart from this, you also came to know the name of ash gourd in Hindi and other languages. You can keep yourself updated with such information, by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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