What Is Ash Gourd in Hindi – Know Its Health Benefits and Uses

There are so many fruits and vegetables which have various health benefits. If you want a healthy life, you should opt for a nutritious balanced diet. The winter Melon or Ash Gourd is a very nutritious fruit which has several benefits. Many things are made from this fruit/vegetable like juice and sweets. It has a delicious taste. It comes in many varieties. Ash gourd in Hindi is known as petha or raakh lauki. The other names of ash gourd are green pumpkin, wax gourd, fuzzy melon, ash pumpkin, grey pumpkin and white pumpkin. To know more about ash gourd continue reading this blog.

What is Ash Gourd in Hindi Called?

Benincasa hispida is scientific name of an ash gourd and in Hindi, it is known as Petha (पेठा). It is harvested in 145 days. It is a fleshy fruit consisting of juice in it and has a mild taste. It tastes similar to cucumber. Its shape is like a watermelon. It has 96% of water in it and has a cooling effect. It can be eaten by slicing the gourd, drinking the water inside it, or can make juice to treat many diseases. You can get many health advantages from its skin, flesh and juice. It is popular in Asian dishes. It is low in fats, proteins and calories. It contains many health benefits that are listed below:

  1. Rich in Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Sodium and Potassium
  2. Strengthens respiration
  3. Prevents from infections
  4. Improves digestion
  5. Helps to reduce weight
  6. Reduces inflammation
  7. Increases energy level and improves gut health
  8. Good to drink water to treat PCOs
  9. Treats diseases and cancer
  10. Very beneficial in curing stomach ulcers
  11. Relieves constipation
  12. Low calorie fruit

Where To Find An Ash Gourd

Ash gourd in outer Asia is not found, they imported from India or China. It is broadly cultivated mostly in parts of South East Asia. When selecting an ash gourd, you should make sure the gourd has no bruised marks. It should be light green or greyish in colour and heavy in weight. It can be identified as the shape and colour of a watermelon. It is also recognised as sticky if gets wet. From its inside, it should be white with a crisp and even texture. Make sure to store it in a cool and dry area.

Nutritional Value of Ash Gourd

Review the following facts to know about the nutrition value of ash gourd in about (100 grams):

  1. Carbs- It has 3g Carbs.
  2. Fibre- It is low in fibre and high in water. It consists of 3g fibre.
  3. Vitamins and minerals- It has vitamin C of about 14% and minerals not exceeding 3%. It also has Vitamin B1, B2 and B3, which are beneficial for infants.
  4. Calories- 13
  5. Zinc benefits- It consists of zinc of about 6% DV.

Uses of an Ash Gourd

Ash gourd Indian recipes are too popular in south Asia. People are very fond of this fruit as it has very nutritional and good health benefits. Its uses are written below:

  • It is used in making traditional sweets like Petha. It is very famous in Agra and Mathura.
  • Used to make stir fries.
  • Its juice is good for digestive, skin and eyesight.
  • Raw seed powder is used for weight loss.
  • Used with daal to make kootu for example, in sambhar.
  • Used in Ayurvedic medicines.
  • It makes to skin glow, hence used for skin purposes.
  • It is used in regulating the excretory system.
  • Dried powder of ash gourd’s peel is used in controlling blood sugar levels.

Summing Up

In this blog, now you may have gained knowledge about (राख लौकी) Ash gourd in Hindi name and its advantages for your health. Significantly, it has various health benefits and is a blessing to your healthy living. All the uses and advantages are written above and you must keep a balanced diet by drinking its juice to keep yourself fit. Besides this, you should consult your doctor before using it as you may be allergic to it or may cause harm to your health. To keep yourself updated with such blogs, subscribe to Personal Care N Heal.


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