Does Everyone Have Back Dimples? If So What Is It Meaning

Does Everyone Have Back Dimples? If So What Is It Meaning

Many of you may have dimples on your cheek and some may have a dimple on a chin, which is also known as a butt chin. However, have you ever noticed dimples on your lower back? In fact, many people also search for the meaning of lower back dimples and how to get back dimples. Well, they are indentations on your back. These dimples are also known as dimples of Venus. This is not a formal name, but the medical community has accepted it. The name ‘dimples of Venus’ come from Venus, who was a Roman Goddess of beauty because usually back dimples are considered beauty in women. Most commonly, females have back dimples. To know more about these types of dimples, keep reading this blog.

Other Names of Lower Back Dimples

Dimples on your lower back are known as the Dimple of Venus, veneral dimples, and butt dimples. Lower back dimples are located above the joint where the body’s pelvis and spine meet. You may be amazed to hear that in 2010, many women with lower back dimples made piercing on their lower back dimples that became famous. In Latin, these dimples are known as Fossae lumbales laterales.

Basically, they are made by a short ligament that stretches between the skin and the posterior superior iliac spine. They may also look like sacral dimples that are also on the lower back. However, there are some differences. People, who have back dimples on their lower back have two indentations on both sides of their lower back. On the other hand, with a sacral dimple, there will be only one indentation above the buttocks’ crease.

What Is the Meaning of Lower Back Dimples?

One of the amazing facts about these types of dimples is that they are related to the beauty of women. In addition to this, it is also believed that they indicate good health. It has been said that they can help good circulation around the pelvic part and they can make climaxing easy. Even though there is no clear evidence that can prove this. Now, the question arises ‘does everyone have back dimples?’ well not every person has back dimples. However, it can be said that back dimples can be found mostly in women as compared to men.

Not everyone has back dimples, therefore, these dimples are considered lucky. It has been said that people who have lower back dimples are said to have good health and bring blessings. But it doesn’t mean that people who don’t have them are not healthy and lucky. Apart from this, they are also a genetic feature, and this is another reason why not every person has them.

How to Get Back Dimples?

Many people search for different exercises to get back dimples. However, if you don’t have them since birth, then you can’t have them with exercise. But if you already have back dimples, then you can make them look more attractive through fat loss and diet. There are various exercises that you can perform to get attractive back dimples on your lower, but if you already have. You may see the difference after a few weeks or months in before and after back dimples. To reduce fat and target your lower back muscles, you can perform the following exercises under supervision:

  • The roman chair
  • Back extensions
  • Rowing machine

However, if you want to get back dimples, you may have to go through some surgical procedures like Vaser liposuction. The procedure that is known as the V-Spot treatment can remove the fat from your lower back area, and it can be done by using an ultrasound probe as a result, you can get lower back dimples.


If you are worried about having back dimples, then you don’t need to worry about them because they are completely safe. However, if you don’t have them, you can’t get through exercise, and you may have to go through surgery if you want. People with lower back dimples are considered lucky because not everyone can have them. You can get such type of information by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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